Thursday, December 1, 2011

Writing Contest December 2011

Believe it or not, I've actually had a request to create a writing contest. On my blog, so non-OYAN students can participate.
Because you guys are amazing followers and don't usually tell me (or ask me) to do stuff for you, and you just let me ramble along with my nonsensical posts about nothing, I'm being a nice blogger and doing this for you.
You're welcome.


For this contest, you are going to write three scenes for three categories (one scene for each.). You will then submit them to me (I will have a few other judges, don't worry) and then we will judge them. I will then post the results of the three categories up, with first, second, and third in each one. If you want- even if you didn't get to finalist in any category- you will be able to email me, and I will send you copies of any/all your scenes with the notes from the judges, including myself.

The three categories are:
1. Tragic death of a character.
2. A party.
3. An escape.

Here are the categories in more detail.

Tragic death of a character:
This can be your main character, or not. It can be the MC's best friend, or a random movie star that your character loves. Either way, your goal is to create as much emotion as you can. In other words, you're trying to make us cry our eyes out.

A party:
This sounds really weird, I know. But think about all the different types of parties you could have. You could have a ball in a different world. You could have a party where the MC is a spy. You could have a party in a world where music is illegal. Again- your goal is to create emotion. Is it a happy party? If so, we should be feeling uplifted. A party full of serial killers? We should probably be feeling creeped out. Just make sure that it's PG-13 or less.

An escape:
This is another fun one. What is your MC escaping from? Where are they? How are they escaping? What world are they in? Is there magic? Are they alone? Or are they with a group of people? Is it a sneaky escape through a window, or are your characters running through a field away from the soldiers with guns? Again- emotion.

Here are the rules.

1. Scenes must be between 500 and 1500 words long. No longer, or we won't have time to read them. No shorter and I'm afraid they probably won't be very good.

2. Everything MUST be sent to me by December 20th. This gives you at least 19 days to write your scenes, and gives the judges enough time to read/critique them and still get everything out by mid January.

3. When emailing me the scenes, please put "WRITING CONTEST" in the subject line. That way I don't just delete it. ;)

4. Format your writing in Courier New, sized at 12, double spaced.

5. You will retain all rights to your writing.

6. No plagarism.

7. Please provide the name you want us to use when putting up the names of who won. For example, I might say that I want to be called "Chanterelle" instead of "Angela" or vice versa.

8. Scenes must be G, PG, or PG-13. Nothing rated above that; partly because I don't like reading that sort of stuff, and partly because I think it takes away from the scenes.

The fun stuff is a prize, I know, and I'll (hopefully) have a grab button for your blog if you get into the top three, depending on which category you get into. :)

Have fun... And if I remember anymore rules, I'll make sure to put 'em up. XD

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