Friday, December 16, 2011


One of the most fascinating things about today is the different clothing styles that I see. There's the girly style. There's the "fashionable" style. There's the sweat pants and hoodies style. There's the punk style. The "I just threw on whatever I found on my floor" style. There's the emo style. There's the "nerd"y style. There's the "normal/boring" style. There's the outdoorsy sort of style. There's the jock style. There's the dressy style. There's the "I don't even know why the heck you thought that was a good idea" style. There's the costume style, like Veela. There's a bazillion different styles.

Which is why I think it's dumb that people say you have to be fashionable. Or say you should follow the trends. Or say that something happens to be trendy. Because EVERYTHING is, at one point or another, in some sect or sub group or another, trendy.

Personally, I don't usually fit in any of the style groups, all the time. I know people who do. I know people who always dress goth. Or always dress costumey. Or always dress... insert style here.
I don't usually, though. Unless "refashioned and restyled and re-done" is a style. Because I do that quite frequently. Altered t-shirts... Altered pants.... Purses made of old jeans.... Homemade jewelry.... Hair stuff made out of random stuff I find lying around... painted shoes...
I guess I do have a style. ;)

Anyway, the reason I put this up here is just to remind everyone (I seem to be reminding people a lot of different stuff) that it's okay to have your own fashion sense. Or, on the other hand, it's okay if other people have their own. You see someone walking and you feel like you want to throw up at what they're wearing? You know what... That's just what they think looks cool.
Or it could be like me on days where I haven't done laundry forever and literally all I have to wear is a pair of jeans that are too short and a strangely fitting shirt that I never wear because it fits strangely. You know, it could just be laziness. XD

On a related note... Possibly after Monday (because Saturday-Monday is going to be insanely busy for me) I'll maybe write up a tutorial for my not-so-original bracelets.

So, I might possibly have a tutorial for thsoe up soon. :)


Cat said...

I love your bracelets! XD

I know what you mean. :/ At dress-down days at school, it feels like people are turning their noses up at you and laughing at you if you wear the 'wrong thing', even if it was fashionable last month or will be at some point. It seems like the only acceptable thing to wear is either trackies and a hoodie (normally in luminous yellow O_O) or really short skirts and strappy tops. O_o I have my own style :P

Veela Cat said...

Hey! My style is FABULOUS style. Grr.
Your little sister,

Sandy said...

And I love your style =)

Are those the plastic bottle bangles?

Rose said...

i dont have a style. becaue i normally just find soemthing. but if i did, i guess it would be emo-tomboy-ihaventironedthisshirt chic. ah well.