Thursday, December 22, 2011

Be Warned

Food. Is. Amazing.
No, really. If it were not amazing, I would not be opening up my post with this. As you can tell, my posting ability has gone down the drain, if I'm just posting about food. My brain has been all over the place (eeewwww) recently, so my one-theme posts tend to be either pathetic, or half-finished in my drafts folder. Sorry. I had some really good ones.
And yet I keep getting comments on my random posts, and not so much on my not random ones... Hmmmm...

But, anyway, back to the subject. Food. It is delicious. It keeps us living. How weird is that, anyway? We put strange substances, such as cheese, into our bodies, and we continue to live. It's a bizzare concept, if you really think about it. About how our bodies are actually really like machines. We don't control any of it. We really can't control whether we're breathing or not breathing or whether our hearts are beating or how fast, or how we're digesting stuff, or anything. Our bodies just do these things.
Bizzare, huh?

Another strange thing to think about is sleep. Every night/day there are (if you're getting enough sleep) about 7-10 hours of your life that you probably won't remember. That's 7-10 hours of your life that you are more or less unaware of. And yet while you're asleep, you're aware of what's going on. Your dreams. Who knows what deams you don't remember!
Or, think about it. You don't remember anything. For all you know, you could be going through extreme pain while sleeping, and you wouldn't remember it. You could be transported to another world and come back and you wouldn't remember it (actually a story idea I have). It creeps me out! But in a good way. :)

Words also don't make a lot of sense. Writing this, you probably know exactly what I'm saying. If I say "a bear with balloons" you probably get the mental image of a large, fuzzy, mammal with four legs, holding a couple of helium-filled balloons tied to ribbons. You probably don't get the image of a small electronic device being pelted by tiny rocks by an army of mechanical pencils. (You might be, though. I wouldn't know.) Words don't make a lot of sense. Why are things named what they are? Why is "blue" called "blue" and not "jigoff"?
I don't understand how this communication thing works so well.

Or colors. For all I know, what I consider blue, versus what you consider blue, could be completely different. Your blue could be my orange, your yellow could be my chartreuse! You never know! It's so creepy thinking about this sort of stuff.

Which, in a roundabout way, brings me to a sort of revelation that I had no clue I'd come to when writing this post which I honestly did think was going to be on that amazing, fantastic substance called food which I am now desiring having not eaten a large breakfast this morning:
We are completely different people.
No, really! We are not only individuals, but we are pretty much completely seperate little units. Think about it. Our minds are like those hamster balls that they run around in. We can bump into each other, and we all somewhat resemble each other, but we're all seperate, all sort of isolated from each other. And we can never get into someone else's thoughts.

And that's why I should never start out a post without knowing where I'm going to be ending...

Anway, I'm going to go eat food.
(food. is. amazing.)
Have a (insert holiday greeting here)!



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