Thursday, December 22, 2011

The Problem With NaNoWriMo no. 1

The first problem I have with NaNoWriMo actually only comes into my mind about a month later when I finally get around to trying to write some more on the novel. This problem?
The fact that my book sucks.
In fact, the problem is that since I give myself the ability to write badly in November, I do write badly. Which is the point of a rough draft, of course. But then when I come back to my book in December, I'm suddenly struck with how completely unrealistic and horrible my book is.


Rose said...

okay, for a start, the way you blog, your book cannot possibly be rubbish. you are a brilliant writer and you need to respect that.
also, at least you actually made the effort to do nanowrimo (unlike me, who just spent the whole time moping about how crap at writing i was! yeah, like THAT would help me become an author!!) so, breathe, you'll be back on ur writing streak soon!!! (: xx

Mae said...

I completely agree. My NaNoWriMo novel sucks too.

Caroline said...

Oh My God I Feel The Same Way! Now thats it's December I have all of these ideas! I also agree with Rose by the way!

Runningfree said...

Which is why I did not do NaNo :D ....but my book still stinks anyway. :P
Either way, it can only get better, right? ;) You'll make it awesome though :)

Zabrinah said...

Oh man, I've tried to write a book for the past 2 NaNoWriMo's and it hasn't really worked out for me yet. Unfortunately. Right now, I'm working on editing a book I started in 2008. Hopefully, this venture will work itself out.


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