Monday, December 19, 2011


I don't usually wear a lot of makeup. In fact, my so called "beauty routine", makeup wise, usually consists of these steps:
1. put hydrocortisone cream on eczema on face
2. put on facial sunscreen/lotion on face
3. put on foundation
4. possibly apply eyeliner
5. wear lipbalm

Ta da. Mostly I wear most of that stuff because of the eczema. If I don't, my face all looks all flakey and icky and crap.
We don't want that. :)

Last night, however, I went to my friend Catt's birthday party. And, with the exception of the random intimate touching and awkward talking, it seemed a lot like Valerie's slumber parties. For example: we played Truth or Dare. We did makeup. We sung karoke.
Did I mention the makeup?

It was actually pretty cool. We all got paired off and had to do each other's make up. Of course, I have zero confidence in my own makeup skills (you saw my "beauty routine"... That's not a lot of makeup!) so I didn't want to put any on anyone. My friend Nina, fortunately, didn't want to wear makeup (but wanted to put it on someone), so we got paired off.
Life lesson number 5826784: Never let Nina near a jar of facial glitter.

I present...

See? Glitter! And you don't even see how sparkly my face/covered with makeup my face is, in these pictures. Mostly because I took 'em with my phone, which has a... well, a phone camera. Which isn't the best for taking pictures with.

So, I'm recovering today from the party. Which will be fun. I've already taken a super long shower, put on deodorant, brushed my teeth (and retainer) got dressed in nice clean clothes, washed off most of the makeup (some of the glitter won't leave my bottom eyelashes... T_T) and I am eating breakfast.

Breakfast for Angela today:
A cup of peach yogurt mixed with 3/4 an apple cut up, one banana cut up.
One M&M cookie.
Possibly a cup of water.

Here's another thought on my brain:
the stereotype "emo".
Let's think about this for a while.

Emo is short for "emotional", and was originally meant to mean someone who is overly emotional, especially one who has a problem with self-injuring.
Now, let's look at what it means nowadays:

That is what "emo" means now. It means... Someone with some epic piercings and amazing hairstyle. Who happens to wear a lot of black and punk-ish clothing.
Does this girl look like she hurts herself?
I don't think so.
And, even if she does, do you know how seriously someone would take her if she says "I'm emo" meaning "I cut myself"?
Not seriously at all.
In fact, they'd probably just laugh.
Because "emo" is a stereotype which has come to mean this bit of style and stuff.
Which is why I am anti "emo". Because the "emo" kids who actually do hurt themselves need attention and they need care. They don't need to be laughed at. Because the name "emo" is thrown about for everything. I can't count how many times I was called emo last year.
Quiet people?
People you're annoyed at?
Someone sitting in a corner?

Heck, THIS is considered "emo"!

I just don't understand it.
And, I could rant about this for another ten pages, but I'm not going to. Because I'm sure it's boring y'all to death. XD

By the way, this yogurt is really good.

I know I said earlier that the sleepover I went on had random intimate touching. Which is starting to venture into the reasons I love my teen group/homeschool friends so much.
Because no other people on the face of the earth could say "Course there's a f***ing camera! B****es!" and not offend me. No other group of people could come up to me and random start petting my hair without having me freak out and hit them. No one else could sing this song (strong language, be warned) in quite as epic of a way during karoke. I mean... The entire time, I think I was basically snuggling with someone.
(Sounds far creepier than it actually is, I must say.)
Kind of awkward/strange, but epic people.

By the way, may I mention that, during Truth or Dare last night, Lizzy got dared to name one good thing and one bad thing about everyone playing?
And that she couldn't think of a single bad thing about me?
Oh yeah.
I'm just that epic.

M&M cookies are amazing, guys. Just throwing that out there.

I want to have a shoutout to my friend Molihua.
She is amazing, and we love her. She's always there when anyone needs her. She always asks us if we need to talk, even when she doesn't have a lot of time. She always wonders how we're doing, and she always posts these really inspiring, kind comments. She's one of the most selfless, amazing people I know, online and in real life.
We love you, Molli!

I'm going to leave off now, because I have a feeling that y'all are getting bored of me.
As a last picture...


Cat said...

Spaaaarkley ^_^

I don't wear much make up either, just a bit of conceler, transclucent powder, black eyeliner on my top lash line, while eyeline in the corners of my eyes and coca cola lip balm XD

I love sleepovers, and I know what you mean; I act less self concious and...awkward at sleepovers :/

There's a massive 'trend' at my school for being an emo. :/ not the self harming kind of emo but the style and make up. It's quite worrying that so many people actually call themselves emo.

Great post ^_^

Runningfree said...

You brave more makeup than I do!!...I don't even know how to put the stuff on :P

And glitter!? @_@ You realize that won't come off for months right? It'll continue to suck onto your face FOREVER :P
Have glitter phobia, don't mind me. :)

And ditto on the Molihua appreciation day!! :D

Rose said...

i do not wear makeup. as a rule. partly because i CANNOT APPLY IT TO SAVE MY LIFE :L

people seem to think they're cool if they can call themselves emo, makes them look hard or something. not really sure. but, to be honst, i really like that way of dressing. just dont do it and call yourself a "goth" or "emo" because you're not.

fab post (: x

Rowan said...

Great post. It made me laugh. XD I couldn't agree more about the emo thing - people judge them so harshly without even considering their motivations.

And yes! Amen to the Moli appreciation! ^_^