Monday, December 12, 2011

Math Problem

Hey, guys! I apologize for not keeping up with my overly prolific post-every-day posting schedule. Procrastination, homework, and people suddenly realizing that I'm awesome and they want to spend time with me has been taking up all my time.
Let me illustrate this last point really fast.
This was my weekend:
Friday = Teach piano. School. Procrastinate. Go to Elena's Christmas party.
Saturday = Religious Ed training, Yule Ball.
Sunday = church, homework, procrastinating, go to movie with Vivian.

Nothing today, though. Thankfully.

Anyway, here is the math thing that I came up with at the Yule Ball. Because I'm an awesome math geek and I have mad skillz. In fact, I'm so awesome, I put a "z" on the end of "skills". Oh yeah.

Teenager = Awkward
Homeschooler = Dork
and everyone at my teen group is geeky, then what are the people at my teen group?

teenager + homeschooler + geeky = teen group people
awkward + dork + geeky = teen group people
awkward geeky dorks = teen group people

See? It's brilliant! I was so proud of myself. XD

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