Thursday, October 13, 2011


Hi guys!
So, I know the title of this post might not make a lot of sense. In fact, for someone who doesn't know what's been going on in my life, it probably sounds like nonsense.
Which is why I'm here to fill you guys in!

First of all, risen applies to some of my friends.
In fact, about four of my friends have randomly reappeared in my life, and it's awesome. :D You guys rock!

Second of all, I've finally gotten batteries into my camera, that work! And I have a (mostly) empty flash card! When has that ever happened...?

Thirdly, I've figured out a way to post comments on other blogs. O_O Amazing! Though it's still not with my blogger/google account, which is weird. I don't know why it's acting up..
But a comment is a comment is a comment!

Fourth of all, I've dug my math book out of hiding, and have been actually working on it, without the regular amount of stressing out that I usually do when I'm behind. (Which I am. By several months. Anyone else...?) And not only that, but I've found the humor to make fun of it!

Fifth- I've regained my sense of humor well enough that I can finally post random pictures of myself, my dog, and my brother (both of them) on my blog! Woot! To everyone, so far I've posted
1. Philip (today
2. Me... I don't know when.
3. My sweetie pie, Carmen. *loves dog*
4. Me... a few years ago, when I not only had buck teeth, but also long hair and bangs.

Sixth, my grade in Western Civ has gone up! I mean, sure. It's just one percentage point. It's still a "C". (75%, baby!) Which is why I always wonder why people insist on saying that I'm so "smart", since most of those people judge their world by grades... O_o (as it happens, I do consider myself intelligent, and I do not base my life on grades. I'm just wondering.)

Seventh! My blood sugar has risen! Thanks to that ^. Healthy Choice 100 points premium fudge bar. You have to use the whole title. "Please, mom, may I have a Healthy Choice 100 Points Premium Fudge Bar?" "Yes, you may have a Healthy Choice 100 Points Premium Fudge Bar." "Yay!"
Those things rock.

Eight. My embarrassment after getting 10/10 on my True/False quiz at WC class and having Gloria call me out to show everyone how many pages I wrote in essays. (seven double sided pages.)

Nine: the amount of books I have planned. Last time I counted I had 18, and I've gotten at least 5 more since then. There is no way I'm ever going to be able to write these all. (But I'm going to have fun trying! :D)

Ten. My ability to know the states and their capitals, and the presidents (in order!) thanks to the animaniacs. :) Wakko for the win!


Hope that has enlightened you in my life. :)


Charissa said...

I'm enlightened. :) Looks like you have a pretty cool life.

Jenna said...

I love both of those math pictures!! :D