Friday, October 7, 2011

Awesome Things In My Life:

Again. I find myself writing a happy post of mainly a list. Because I have a decreasing attention span recently...
Here goes. We'll see long this goes.

  1. The One Year Adventure Novel Writing Course.
  2. Character Lounges.
  3. This song.
  4. Taking the test for chapter 11 of Western Civ without reading the book and getting 13/20 right anyway.
  5. Sims!
  6. Ice cream. >:D
  7. November.
  8. The sonata by Beethoven my teacher has me playing.*
  9. The Clown by Kabelevsky.
  10. My Biology textbook.
*This is a lie. I hate playing this.


Jenna said...

Is it the ninth symphony first movement?? Because that is my favorite fancy sounding music in the history of fancy sounding music. We listened to it in my music class too!! :D

Rose said...

RICK ASTLY NEVER GONNA GIVE YOU UP???????????????????????? ARE YOU COMPLETELY CRACKERS???????????? oh, wait, no youre not, because you go on to say you sims and ice cream and biology. good. you had me worried there. ;)