Tuesday, October 25, 2011

My Dilemma, Essays, Procrastination, What Makes me Happy

Hey guys.
Feeling a bit spazzy tonight, so not only will this be a short post, but will probably have nothing to do with anything else, and will most likely make as much sense as those sentences they give you to type in "how fast do I type" tests!*

*For the record, I just got 94 WPM, but my highest is over 100. I have a friend who is even faster, too.

So, the first thing I want to go to is the last thing in my title, and that would be...
What makes me happy?
I've even written out an advertisement blurb for this...

Do you want to be fabulously happy? Do you dream of always being in a good mood and delighting your family? Do you want to be known as a ray of sunshine? If so you should check out Angela's List of Happiness coming soon to bookstores soon!

I like writing those.

Anyway, since Veela kicked me off the computer, this is going to be slightly different in tone than what I first wrote, but you're going to have to deal.
Okey dokey?

Anyway, the things that make me happy. I'm talking ecstatically insanely completely happy. To the point of writing a post about- although that might not be that big of an accomplishment. As most people have noticed, I've usually managed to write at least one blog post a month for the past four years, sometimes more, and sometimes more than one per day. (There were weeks where I'd crank out posts in the range of 21-45. True story!)

Here goes.

1. the OYAN forum.
2. My brothers. *loves brothers*
3. My sisters.
4. my iPod.
5. Cool settings on my camera. Like making everything black and white! (Notice my profile pic?)
6. YouTube.
7. Disney Broadway music. Like Aladdin. Or The Little Mermaid. :D
8. Super Mario Galaxy music. A la Isaac!
9. Webinars.
10. Happiness!

Next topic.
My Dilemma
Say it isn't so!
A dilemma?
Like that ever happens.
But oh! Wait! I do! I have a problem, and it's up to YOU readers to help me with it. (Don't you just love cheesy lines?)
The dilemma?
I want to have a blog button. You know, one of those annoying things that you put on your sidebar and say, "take my button! Show the world that you actually care what I write!"? yeah. I want one of those. I even know how to make one!
Problem is?
I don't have an image to use.
As you can tell, while my background is awesomely tranquil and epic, it doesn't have a... hm... "image" I can use as a button.
Which is why I need your help!
I need you either to put a comment on here, or send me an email, about what picture you think personifies my blog, my writing, or anything like that. And then I'll choose one and you can show that you actually do care what this rambling teenage girl writes!


I'm not going to say that Western Civilization is a hard course. In fact, I can't think of very many things about it that are hard.
This is because

a) I have an amazing memory and remember random crap no one else does.
b) I have a tendency to write 2 or 3 pages longer than anyone else.
c) I've learned most of this history already.
d) Essays are easy and I have no problem going from one paragraph to another.

The reason it's hard, though, is because of all the busywork. Each week we have to watch two video lectures, do a workbook exercise, answer about 11 essays, read a chapter which is somewhere between 20 and 45 pages, read handouts, answer any AP questions, and be prepared to discuss them in class.
It's a lot of work.

So, I'm just saying right now that I'm struggling through the 11 "regular" essays. I've already written the DBQ but I'll probably re-write it, since I don't think I've actually answered the question... Whoops!


The thing about my procrastination is that I have a concious. I feel guilty about it. If I procrastinate I go, "NO! I SHOULD NOT BE PROCRASTINATING WHILE THERE IS SCHOOLBOOKS OUT! GO AWAY GO AWAY OR I'M GOING TO SHOUT!"

Only ususally without the Dr Seuss rhyming. :)

But anyway, I'm procrastinating right now. Mostly. I just need to dump PJ on my mom and go write essays.
But I'm not.

Anyway, that's it for my rambling post. I'm not going to put up questions because I'm too lazy too and let's be honest, very few people answer them anyway.
If you have to have a prompt for putting out a comment, though, tell me what your WPM typing speed is. ;)

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The Lonesome Crayon said...

Your image should be something with pi, 42, or flames. XD