Saturday, October 15, 2011

An Interesting Idea

Today, I was at Religious Education Training, and my teacher, Carol, brought up an interesting idea of introverts and extroverts that I hadn't thought of before, but now makes a lot of sense. (I'm actually learning something!)

We were talking about whether or not it was okay to interrupt a child when they were doing art to ask, "what are you drawing?" And she said that, well, no, you really shouldn't. But then she also said that it depended on the child.

Of course, that makes sense, because one child might not want to be asked, and another child might. I know I'm the sort of person who doesn't like to be interrupted/asked what I'm doing, but I hadn't gone the step further that she did...

That introverts and extroverts have completely different ideas of that. That an introvert doesn't want to be interrupted at their work, and an extrovert (while might not enjoying it), won't mind so much.

So, that's one thing that she thought of, that I hadn't applied to that situation.

The second thing she brought up a few minutes later, when we were discussing whether or not it was a good thing to have a simple outline for our album page (describing the different works of the CGS- look it up), or whether it's better to have a monologue type outline, describing what we should/would be saying.

And she came up with an interesting point. (I actually only caught this because the word "introverted" caught my attention and roused me from my drowsiness.)

That an introvert is more likely to require a more monologue-type outline, and an extrovert is more likely to just need a simple, bullet pointed piece of paper.

This makes sense for several reasons. First of all, extroverts are by nature more chatty. They can talk, and talk, and work out their ideas as they talk, and then talk some more, without having an issue. An introvert needs more reminders, and they work out their ideas in their heads. That means that if they don't have everything worked out ahead of time, they can feel put on the spot, and can have awkward quiet pauses when they try to figure out what they're going to say. (Which is why, if any of you have ever seen me doing this, if we're taking turns reading something, I tend to read my passage to myself, just to see if there's any difficult passages, so if there is, I can figure out how they sound in my head, so I cna say it with ease when it gets to my turn.)
This is why a more monologue-type outline is handier for introverts.

This, I'm guessing, is also true for other things.

Say, essay questions.

If you compare the WC essya questions that Valerie writes out, and the essay questions that I write... There's a huge difference in length. Valerie will write, in large, loopy, flourishing handwriting, on a tiny piece of paper, one page.
I will write, in my smaller, messy handwriting*, on normal sized note paper, three pages.
And yet, with the exception of the random facts I include, we get the same answers when discussing out loud.

I thought that was really interesting. I had always wondered why Valerie could get a high class participation with only two pages of essay questions, while I was getting the same score with more!
I guess I have an answer now.

[/end of random thoughts]

(don't worry. I'll work on having something funny tomorrow, or the day after. Those things take timre to plan, my friends. [btw, alliteration FTW.])

*It is messy. If none of you have seen it... Be thankful. O_o I dread the day I actually have to go back and study my essay questions.


Sandy said...

That's cool.

Rose said...

O_o think a great deal! i am confused by this idea of introverts and extroverts - youve talked about it before, but i still dont get it properly. Surely a person can be both? in different situations and with different people, a person is entirely different. i love how you rouse these thoughts... :)

Cat said...

That was really interesting :D I'm definetly an introvert, but I never thought about it until I read your post :)