Saturday, October 8, 2011

In Honor of Halloween

You know what a cootie catcher is, right?
Well, I've made a print out for you to make one!

There's actually a small story behind this one:
When my good friend Vivian and I were both about 8, we had a club called "Historic Girls" where we studied girls from history who did remarkable things. That's why I know so much about Zenobia, Joan of Arc, Eleanor of Aquitaine, and Helena of Britain, among others.
For this club we had, we would both do activites after learning about them. For St. Helena, we wrote a ballade that started like this:
Thus begins the story
Of Saint Helena of Britian.
She was the daughter of King Cole
Who was so jolly.

And so on. It was pretty epic, and I still have our original piece of paper with it on.

For one of the girls -and I forget which- we made a cootie catcher telling you how you were going to die. (Proably something when a group of people were being persecuted, I think.) And I know we had good fun with that. We both made something like three of them, all with horribly nasty ways of dying on them.

So, I've always loved cootie catchers, particularly ones like this. Thus, I decided that it would be a nice thing to give everyone a print out!
I did make this on photoshop, so it's not all handmade looking... Sorry... But hey. At least you can read it. :)

If you don't know how to put together/use a cootie catcher, look it up, or email me.

oh, by the way, I got the basic lines from here: I didn't steal anything else, though. Just the lines, which I ended up changing a bit anyway.

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Rose said...

wow! you were a clever 8yrold! that is so cool! thats the sort of thing id love, to be honest, but it would be complete social suicide. COMPLETE. i would neevr ehar the end of it. however, you have made me want to do my research... thankyoou!! (: