Sunday, October 23, 2011

My Torture List For Tomorrow

I know, you're all going to be yawning by the end of this post. But I'll try to make it interesting. This is... ehhhhh... all the school/chores I can tell that I may have to do tomorrow.
If I don't do 'em all, feel free to send orcs to my house.
Or cave trolls.
Though I prefer the orcs.

-Finish all my WC homework.
  • Finish reading the chapter (8 more pages or so)
  • Do 12 essay questions
  • Watch 2 video lectures
  • Do a workbook exercise
  • Do the map exercise
  • Procrastinate again
-Do my mathematics
-Possibly Ancient Greek History
  • Read textbook #2
  • Read textbook #1
  • Do a lab
  • Answer questions in textbook #1 from chapters #1 and #2
  • OYAN Other Worlds
  • Critiquing
  • Possibly planning out a story
  • Planning out my NaNoWriMo plot
  • Actually replying to my writing buddies' NaNoMail to me
-Load the dishwasher-Unload the diswasher
  • Practice the pieces
  • Do 2 theory lessons
  • Practice scales and inversions
  • Practice triads
  • Make flashcards
  • Headpiano several times
  • Practice pieces again
-Geology (whatever the heck my next lesson is)
-Eat again
-Goof off on computer
  • Stalk OYAN forum (even though I left it again today)
  • Check email 50,000,000 times
  • Check NaNoWriMo forums
  • Check for sewing tutorials
  • Check my email again
  • Play around on Bookworm Adventures
  • Write
  • Pretend to write
  • Bug some people on my email again
-Clean my room
  • Clean floor
  • Dance around to music
  • Make bed
  • Change sheets
  • Randomly fall asleep while changing sheets
  • Wake up and forget what I'm doing
  • Procrastinate
  • Clean the top of my dresser
  • Do laundry
  • Fall asleep again
  • Listen to more music

Phew! I'm sure there's something I've forgotten in there, but considering that my procrastination takes up about... 10 hours of my day, I think that's enough to get me through the day.

(Red = done. By the way, I did most of that coloring as HTML. I feel so smart!)


Sandy said...

I love that you have 'eat' as a chore =P I feel the same way, honestly... I hate figuring out what to have for lunch.


Cat said...

That's alot. About 10x more than what I do in a day :P

Jenna said...

Oh my gosh, that is so so so so so so much stuff to do... Good luck!!