Saturday, October 31, 2009

my dream last night...

OK, so generally, I don't post my dreams. BUT last night I had the very worst dream I've EVER had, without it being a nightmare!!!

It started out that my family (which in this case was my aunt diane, uncle eric, my mom, dad, all my siblings, my dogs, and like, I think my aunt Laura was there too), we were at my grandma and grandpa's house (in Wisconsin.) only it was huge!! Like, I knew my way around and everything (I've been there before*) anyway. We were going to go to this giant water park. We got in the car, and started driving. But about halfway there, our car broke down. (great.) luckily there was this HUGE house near the side of the road! (and I mean H U G E.) it was like, a combination of my Aunt (Diane) and Uncle (Eric)'s house, and the Farm. So, we walked up to the door, and rung the doorbell. A young man and woman, and three old women, opened the door. They were all dressed old fashioned. Weird, I thought. So, we went in, and we discovered that they were like, witches. Only not the "Harry Potter" type. they were the type that used voodoo dolls, cast evil spells, and worshiped spirits of the forest. (now that I think about it, they were more like, druids.) So, they looked at our car, and they told us that it was going to be about... hmm... a week before it would be fixed. So, we got to know the witches.

One day, my siblings, the two younger witches (husband and wife, if you didn't know), and I, were out in the yard. There was a baby deer, and I touched it. (it was soooooo cute) suddenly, the sky got dark, and I knew we were in trouble. we ran into the house, and the three old witches started screaming at me "WHAT HAVE YOU DONE, YOU HORRIBLE CREATURE!!! NATURE IS NOT TO BE RUINED BY CLUMSY HUMANS LIKE YOURSELF!!!" I felt horrible. and angry.
The old witches said the only way to appease the nature spirits, was to offer our sincere regrets. so we all went outside (it was still pitch dark), and we sat around this little, low, long, table. We each had a bowl... well, what looked like them. but as I looked closer, I saw that they were actually HUMAN SKULLS!!! there was a liquid, with things floating around in it, in the skulls. We had to drink it. so we did. and then we offered the bits (which somehow we hadn't swallowed) to the sky, and suddenly a giant thunderbolt came down, and two old (female) witches, and one old (male) witch came down. they were dressed all in black. The male witch had this dog with him. at first glance, he looked stupid. he was a white dog, and his eyes were, well, also white. and they were high up on his face, and they were close together. his face was kind of dorky, it looked like a rectangle. but suddenly the male witch let him go, and the dog jumped at one of the old witches, and ATE HER!! now we were all freaked out. We started running to the house... but the dog got in. The witches ran to our car, and started trying to fix it. (so that we could all get away and avoid being eaten.) meanwhile, the (new, old) witches, (all of them) and us were trying to do another ceramony, to try to stop the spirit which had possessed the dog. But the dog broke in on us in the middle. and we all ran away, trying to get away. luckily, the witches yelled out that our car was fixed. we all started to get out. (for somereason) we started turning all the lights off. Ken ran up to the attic, and told me he would turn those off. (this is the part where it started turning into a (real) nightmare). I believed that he would be right back, so I went out to see if everyone was ok. a couple minutes passed, and I finally asked my mom "have you seen Ken?" she said "no, I haven't... why?" uh oh, I thought. I went back in the house... no dog.. no ken... I remembered that he was going to turn the lights off in the attic, and I ran up there. I opened the door, and the dog was pacing around inside. I noticed that there was another door. I crept by the dog, and opened it, I saw Ken, in a corner, looking terrified, but the dog noticed me, so I jumped onto the side with Ken, and held the door closed. Somehow, he couldn't push it open. it was odd. anyway, when I looked back at Ken, he was not there. (crap) so I started walking around, trying to find him. I probably did this for several minutes, before I realized he had climbed onto my back. (go figure) so we opened the door VERY CAUTIOUSLY. the dog wasn't there. so we went down to the first level, and I saw the dog outside, and the witche's other (bad) dogs (which, oddly, hadn't appeared until now, they were tiny, like, those fluff ball dogs you see? the ones were they just look like a bunch of fluff with a nose, and eyes?)
anyway. they were outside. around all the windows, and all the doors. they weren't interested with the rest of my family, who were outside. just us. we tried clibimg out the window. didn't work. tried going out the door. didn't work. so, we ended up just standing there, until this, blue, truck came driving by. She (the person in the truck) saw the dogs, and she got out, and ran towards them, yelling (they're PERFECT!!) we told her they were free, and she roped them up. strangely, the minute she put a leash on the little ones, they became docile. the minute that she put a leash on the big one, you could tell that, even though he was still evil, he couldn't eat anyone anymore. she pulled them away, and I got back into the car. and we went to the waterpark, LOL.

see, it wasn't a bad ending, but it WAS bad dream. it was so sad, cause I seriously felt like I had lost Ken... in real life, and I felt like my heart was going to break, cause it was all my fault, and there really was no chance that he could be alive. :(

*I often dream about places several times. my "grandma's" house, is normally a place where people (me, included) take refuge, until the bad guys come, where we always escape down a whirlpool. ya. I've had A LOT of dreams there... and the waterpark... I often dreams there, as well!!! like, my friends go to a waterpark (there), but the stupid slide breaks, and we have to help save everyone. *sigh.*

well, sorry for writing such a long post, but I really needed to share that dream, and I wrote it only a couple of minutes after I woke up. :D
hope you enjoyed...

Thursday, October 29, 2009

new songs!!!


right now I'm listening to Katy Perry's "Hot N Cold." my mom put some new songs on my ipod!!! I really really REALLY like three of them they are:
She Said by Brie Larson,
Intuition, by Jewel,
Fireflies (my new favorite song), by Owl City.
I LOVE THEM!!! She also got me "Superman" and "I go blind" Superman is ok, and I can tolerate I go blind... :P

other then that... oh, did I tell you people that in Feb. I'm going to DISNEY!!! yes! SCORE!!

oh, I love this part, from She Said, "If you don't believe in magic, just watch me dissapear"
anyway, I strongly suggest you listen to them...
I've got an awesome costume (undead/zombie/ghost-girl.)
Halloween should be fun... I g2g, ttyl!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009


ok, so, this sucks, I just wrote out a long, fantastic post, and it wouldn't let me post it. ugh.

basically: just got back from the farm, Sara's blog is (yes, I've already memorized the link.), I'm the most awesomest undead-zombie-ghost-girl, I loved the costumes at the Lee's party.

ya, there was more, but I'm just annoyed at the stupid blogger. >:

Thursday, October 22, 2009

what I <3, what I h8, and other news in my life.

the "other news in my life" part.
today in government class, I have a huge test.

the "what I <3, what I h8" part.
what I <3:
movies: city of ember, HP, journey to the center of the earth, and close encounters of the third kind.
books: any.
singers/bands: ELO, ABBA, enya, Aly and AJ, STYX, Selena Gomez, Demi Lovato, and a LOT more. :P
Best Friends: basically anyone and everyone.
Food: mashed potatoes, mushrooms (yum), ice cream, lasagne, eggs, my mom's cinamon rolls.

my h8s:
Movies: Twilight. (haven't seen it, but the whole "twilight craze" drives me insane.), disturbia. Never Back Down.
Books: none!
Singers/Bands: I really dislike bands/people who sing/talk? rap.
Food: umm... olives, tomatoes, cooked spinache, brussel sprouts, ostrich.


Wednesday, October 21, 2009

field museum and Government papers.

So, this morning I had to get up early, to go to the field museum with Matthew, Jon, Christina, and Ms. Mary. so, we sat in the car for about an hour, then got to the museum, only to find that the organizer, Mrs Blome, wasn't there. so we just, walked around the exhibits you could go in without tickets. then we found out that you didn't need tickets, you needed these weird sticker things for the adults. weird. anyway, we went to all the exhibits, except for the "special" ones (i.e. the something adventure), and the ones that were closed (sadly, the Gem room.) but, it was alot of fun. :D the ride home was ok... except about five minutes after we left, Matthew fell asleep. but then Jon entertained us all (except Matthew) by thinking that there was a PIG in the passenger seat of a truck. yes, that's right, a pig. P I G. so we had to go catch up to the truck, of course, to see whether there was a pig. (there wasn't, btw.) and then we got home, and Valerie's book club was going on. yay.
Also, today I finished my government paper. it's about 5 1/8 pages long. whew.
it, in my opinion, is pretty sound... lets just hope the teachers (my mom and ms. Gloria) think so too. :D

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


ok, so, right now I'm taking a very small break from writing my Government Paper. :)
I'm about two pages in. the minimum is 4 pages. But, it's an easy topic to write about, at least.
tomorrow I go to the pirate's display.... it should be fun...

right now I'm listening to "kids in america" it's ok.. not my favorite song, but not my least favorite, either.
ok, so, if you are a member of my government class, I've made a blog for it. the link is


Monday, October 19, 2009

Get your own Room101!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

exhausted... AGAIN!

ya, I had a sleepover with Sara last night...

which explains the title, LOL!

ya, I don't feel like doing anything right now. tomorrow I have to catch up on Government homework... right now I have the second lowest grade in the class.
not my fault. I'm going to get a higher one. :S

just wait, stupid grade system!

this is when it is a GOOD thing to be ambitious. and when it pays to be SMART, and be COMPETITIVE, which are normally all bad (Except the "smart")traits I have. now they're good. :D

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

can't understand my mom.

I can't.
I go along with everything, my mom calls me a zombie, and wishes I had a mind of my own.
I don't go along with everything, my mom calls me stubborn and wishes I'd do as she says.
I wear pufume, my mom makes fun of me.
I don't, and she scolds me for not.
I don't do my government homework, and she says it reflects badly on her.
I do do my government homework, and she says that she'd rather I do my math.
I want to finish a knitting project so I can start a new one, she tells me not to.
I start a new knitting project without finishing the other one, she tells me not to.
I want to have a friend over, she says I can't.
I complain because I'm lonely, and she says that I should invite someone over.

Monday, October 12, 2009


I'm having serious trouble coming up with good titles...

oh well.

today I... did some of my government homework, and that's about it, lol.
tomorrow I have to:
do more government homework, cook dinner, and work on my "Personal History" day assignment.
on Wednesday the personal history day meeting, I have a GS meeting, government homework.
Thursday: Government class, Government homework (and all the other homework).
Friday: Atrium, Piano, and violin. Government homework, and all the other homework.
Saturday: NOTHING!!! woooooooot!
Sunday: homework and church.
Monday: nothing much, government homework, and all the other homework, and work on my paper.

and that's going to be my week. :P
oh, and next week Sara is coming over (mwahahaha), and I think on Wednesday next week I (finally) get to go to chicago! YAY!

Saturday, October 10, 2009


woot, I went to Linda's Birthday Party last night. :) it was FANTASTIC. probably the best party I've gone to, lol, besides my own. :D
I really don't want to go into details. it's just.... to much to say, lol. but, I can say that I stayed up early since I went to bed at 6 AM, and woke up at 7. :D me tired now. :) but happy. happy is good!
so, I'm excited for Halloweeeeeeeeeeeeennnnn! it's going to be so AWESOME. :D

anyway, sorry for the short post,

Friday, October 9, 2009

part of a story

so, I was looking in my government notebook, and I found one of my old stories! or, should I say, one chapter. :) I am going to type it up, cause I think that it's a good one. I had based the main characters Vivian, Tabitha, and Eric, on my friends Vivian, her sister Sabrina, and brother, Derek. :) tell me what you think. (note: be kind, I wrote this when I was 8.. you can tell. I wrote "stories" as "storys".)

Chapter one: Christmas
Vivian lived with her cousins Sara, Eric, and Tabitha. Sara was the eldest; about 30 years old. Sara looked electric. Her eyes were blue; shiny like marbles. Her hair was shocking pink. Even her smile was electric. (my mom wrote that part.) Eric, on the other hand, had darker skin, Deep brown eyes, and Dark brown hair. Many of his (I don't know what word I have here, it looks like "viztoms") friends were tricked by his looks. He is a goof ball who loves practical jokes!
Tabitha has black hair, which is shoulder length. She had green eyes, and was shyer, but was top in history of magic.
Vivian looked something like Tabitha. she had let her hair grow to her waist, and it was curly and black. her eyes were purple, like her bat's.

All of the girls were witches, and Eric was a wizard. All of the cousins lived in an old, and very tall house. the unlucky girl's (not Sara) got the top room for their bedroom. the cellar was given up as a potion room, and the 3rd floor was for charms, history, and transfiguration.

Vivian sat at the end of her bed, in deep talk with Tabitha. Suddenly a BANG! erupted from right behind her!
"Eric!!!" Tabitha screamed.
Vivian turned around suddenly. "Eric!" she took up the cry.
"Sara, help Eric!" cried Tabitha. She was as red as a tomato. Just as Eric fell down laughing, Sara entered the room.
"What has Eric done now?" she said, calmly.
"He set a fire cracker behind me." Vivian answered hotly. Sara frowned.
"you know tomorrow's Christmas, don't you?" Eric looked horrified.
"oh no" he groaned. "I bet I get a piece of coal."
"but snow!!!" cried Tabitha Joyfully. "Wonderful! I can use my new snow toys!" Vivian excitedly pronounced. "That's one good thing" Eric said.
"We haven't even hung up our stockins!" Screamed Eric.
"Let's get rocking, Kids!" Sara exclaimed! "Eric, go shovel the driveway. Girls, lets get booking!"
the house soon was so loud, the girl's couldn't believe their ears!
The Christmas music was (I don't know what it says here either, it says pro.bublic) proudly singing jingle bells.
"Eric, go get the Christmas tree!"
"eye eye matey!"
"don't talk to me like that!"
finally Tabitha sat down. Suddenly she saw the clock strike 11:30.
as the kidss heard this, they scrambled to their beds.
"I wonder if Santa Claus will come!" Tabitha whispered excitedly across beds.
"I don't know..." came the muffled reply. the girls lay in silence for a while, then Vivian was flying... there was Santa....
"WAKE UP VIVIAN!!!" Tabitha was yelling in her face "ERIC'S GONE!"

and that's where I stopped writing. I remember writing more... but for the life of me I can't remember where I put the second chapter. :S
but I can write more if you people want me to, just please comment. :D
hi peoples.
so, what's new in your lifes?
I'm just really bored, so I'm going to post on my blog. :P
today I have atrium, Piano lessons, and Valerie (aka Veela) has Violin.... and Linda's Birthday party! (eep) I don't have her present yet! I have GOT to get to the store today! I have a wonderful idea for it, but I need to buy it yet, LOL. :) I think she's gonna like it.
yesterday I had Government class. it was very good this time, like, everyone was speaking up, and everyone had something to say. it was nice. Also, Yesterday I took a math test, and I still don't know how well I did, but I'm pretty confident I did well... it was on geometry, and that's one of my stronger subjects in math. :P not that I like it much, especially Drawing shapes. :(
oh well..
also, the people at Division X (Saren (aka, 'the one'), Nakamura Fujiwara, Himuro Koharu, Ishimaru Chiaki, and Katou Natsumi.), would like you to take a look at their site, :) thanks!

Thursday, October 8, 2009


I'm excited!!!! tomorrow Linda has a birthday party..... oh ya!
I'm not going to say what I'm going to get her, as she might be reading this....


Wednesday, October 7, 2009

a false alarm...

hi. so, we thought that we were going to chicago today, but it turns out my mom was a dork (he he) and she wrote down the wrong date. :P oh well. it's actually in two weeks........ I'm (still) looking forward to it. :)
also, I forgot to say "I changed my blog background, how do you like it?" so, ya, I just said that.:) so far my poll has shown that more people want me to play viola, and that might be what I learn to play, as I don't want to play flute right now, because of my braces.

on that subject, thank you, especially Vienna and Cat, for thinking my braces are awesome. they do look kind of nice, LOL.

Halloween is coming up, eeeee! I can't wait. my neighbors have their Halloween display up, and it's amazing... as always. they always add another thing to it, each year, so it's very elaborate. their house is always decked out for Halloween in the inside, too. (I know, I've babysat their cats before.) that's about it for now, but I'll post more later. :D bye!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009


hey people. :D
I just remembered some other stuff to post about. and, because I'm to lazy simply to edit my last post, I'm writing a new one. lol. I forgot to say that tomorrow I go to the Pirate's exhibit in the field museum with my friend, his brother, and his mom, oh, and Christina. :) and I'm super excited. (you can tell. I put "Super" right in front of excited.)
Another thing, I've decided I don't like my braces very much. It'll probably get better as time goes on, but right now they hurt like crazy cakes, I've already taken three pills to help them feel better, today, and I'm only supposed to take six a day... at the maximum... what am I going to do... (please don't answer that).

a video, and some more posts.

I like this song a lot. :D


to the actual posting, lol. today, my braces are hurting, but not as much as they were last night. tonight I have a girlscout thing, like, we are doing this huge service project, and we have to get other GS troops to do it, so we (Bee, Valerie, Christina, Katie, and I think there might be someone else.... besides me of course.... can't remember.) are going to give out flyers to the other leaders.... ya. there are going to be a bunch of leaders there. :O

la la la. :D I don't have anything more to say, so I'll shut up now. bye!

Monday, October 5, 2009

a picture of me with braces. :D

yay! you can't really see the color, but they're purple. yay purple. :D

Stuff 2 say. :D

first. here is a song for you people to look at :

anddddddd.... *drum roll*
I got braces today!!!!! WOOT!!! they're purple............ :D
it took forever to get them on, and they still feel really weird, and it kind of aches... but I got braces!!!!! :D
tomorrow I get to babysit my siblings, and do homework, and then the day after that, I go to Chicago to the field museum. :D it should be fuuuuuunnnnnn.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

some more posts. :)

ok, first. I still haven't figured out why everything is in italics. I'll probably delete that post in a minute. :P
second. my aunt leaves today.... *waves* bye Aunt Diane!
ok, so I'm having some trouble trying to figure out what musical instrument I should play. the two I'm thinking about are the Flute, and the Viola. I've put a poll down at the bottom of my blog, if you could please vote which one, that would be fantastic. thanks.
OTHER THAN THAT not much here. I g2g, post more later.

I actually have some valid stuff to say today!

first. the italics. I have no clue why everything on my blog is now in italics. I've looked at the settings, and they all say normal. perhaps it's my previous blog post. I'll have to look at that. maybe I'll just delete it, it wasn't a very important post anyway.
second...... and probably the most important...

I GET BRACES TOMORROW!!!!! eeeeeeeeek! *Sob* goodbye corn on the cob. :(

Thursday, October 1, 2009


hi people! I was playing around with the html thing for this post, and I found out how, manually, and in the code box, how to make things italic, and bold. to make things Italic, write something in the "compose" option, then switch to the "edit html" option. then, if you said
you'd write before the word. so it would look like this:
then write
after it, so then it looks like so:
yay! italics! to make something bold you do the same thing, with the , before and after the word, except instead of "em" you write "strong". :D

anyway. how are you people today? I'm nervous. we have a debate, and I've BARELY researched anything, except for the stuff we did yesterday. (I got to hang out with KT for about two hours yesterday at a library. so we researched then. :D )
yup. so far, this is how my day has went:
woke up at 8:14, went back to sleep for another fifteen minutes, woke up again, realized that I had a debate today, and had slept in. and started worrying. decided on my plan of action (go up stairs, do homework) but got distracted by the computer. did breakfast, then came downstairs again, with my government book, and got distracted by the computer again. oh well. I'll do homework after this post. :D
I'm going to go figure out how to do something in color in the html...
wow, that's alot harder. :O
bye people!