Thursday, October 1, 2009


hi people! I was playing around with the html thing for this post, and I found out how, manually, and in the code box, how to make things italic, and bold. to make things Italic, write something in the "compose" option, then switch to the "edit html" option. then, if you said
you'd write before the word. so it would look like this:
then write
after it, so then it looks like so:
yay! italics! to make something bold you do the same thing, with the , before and after the word, except instead of "em" you write "strong". :D

anyway. how are you people today? I'm nervous. we have a debate, and I've BARELY researched anything, except for the stuff we did yesterday. (I got to hang out with KT for about two hours yesterday at a library. so we researched then. :D )
yup. so far, this is how my day has went:
woke up at 8:14, went back to sleep for another fifteen minutes, woke up again, realized that I had a debate today, and had slept in. and started worrying. decided on my plan of action (go up stairs, do homework) but got distracted by the computer. did breakfast, then came downstairs again, with my government book, and got distracted by the computer again. oh well. I'll do homework after this post. :D
I'm going to go figure out how to do something in color in the html...
wow, that's alot harder. :O
bye people!

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