Monday, October 12, 2009


I'm having serious trouble coming up with good titles...

oh well.

today I... did some of my government homework, and that's about it, lol.
tomorrow I have to:
do more government homework, cook dinner, and work on my "Personal History" day assignment.
on Wednesday the personal history day meeting, I have a GS meeting, government homework.
Thursday: Government class, Government homework (and all the other homework).
Friday: Atrium, Piano, and violin. Government homework, and all the other homework.
Saturday: NOTHING!!! woooooooot!
Sunday: homework and church.
Monday: nothing much, government homework, and all the other homework, and work on my paper.

and that's going to be my week. :P
oh, and next week Sara is coming over (mwahahaha), and I think on Wednesday next week I (finally) get to go to chicago! YAY!

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