Wednesday, October 7, 2009

a false alarm...

hi. so, we thought that we were going to chicago today, but it turns out my mom was a dork (he he) and she wrote down the wrong date. :P oh well. it's actually in two weeks........ I'm (still) looking forward to it. :)
also, I forgot to say "I changed my blog background, how do you like it?" so, ya, I just said that.:) so far my poll has shown that more people want me to play viola, and that might be what I learn to play, as I don't want to play flute right now, because of my braces.

on that subject, thank you, especially Vienna and Cat, for thinking my braces are awesome. they do look kind of nice, LOL.

Halloween is coming up, eeeee! I can't wait. my neighbors have their Halloween display up, and it's amazing... as always. they always add another thing to it, each year, so it's very elaborate. their house is always decked out for Halloween in the inside, too. (I know, I've babysat their cats before.) that's about it for now, but I'll post more later. :D bye!


Random GC Girl..... said...

I love your new background, it's soooo cute !! :D

Chicago ?? AWESOME !!!!! I've allways wanted to go there !!

Angela said...

lol, Chicago is pretty cool... I don't get to go there a lot, it's about an hour away from my house. :D

Random GC Girl..... said...

Cool !!!! You are sooo lucky !!