Sunday, October 4, 2009

some more posts. :)

ok, first. I still haven't figured out why everything is in italics. I'll probably delete that post in a minute. :P
second. my aunt leaves today.... *waves* bye Aunt Diane!
ok, so I'm having some trouble trying to figure out what musical instrument I should play. the two I'm thinking about are the Flute, and the Viola. I've put a poll down at the bottom of my blog, if you could please vote which one, that would be fantastic. thanks.
OTHER THAN THAT not much here. I g2g, post more later.


*Vienna* said...

Is voila a voiline?

*Vienna* said...


**NeonGlitter** said...

What are you gonna be for Halloween? I'm gonna be an Evil Vampire Fairy :D

Angela said...

A Viola is kind of like a Violin, but It sounds different, it's a lower pitch than a violin. :D I think it is really pretty.... and I couldn't play violin, cause my sister already plays it. :S

I'm going to be a ghost.... I have a white dress (Sadly it's one from a costume catalog, and not one we made), and I'm going to put my hair up (some how) and powder my hair so it's pale. ya. not my best costume.