Friday, October 9, 2009

hi peoples.
so, what's new in your lifes?
I'm just really bored, so I'm going to post on my blog. :P
today I have atrium, Piano lessons, and Valerie (aka Veela) has Violin.... and Linda's Birthday party! (eep) I don't have her present yet! I have GOT to get to the store today! I have a wonderful idea for it, but I need to buy it yet, LOL. :) I think she's gonna like it.
yesterday I had Government class. it was very good this time, like, everyone was speaking up, and everyone had something to say. it was nice. Also, Yesterday I took a math test, and I still don't know how well I did, but I'm pretty confident I did well... it was on geometry, and that's one of my stronger subjects in math. :P not that I like it much, especially Drawing shapes. :(
oh well..
also, the people at Division X (Saren (aka, 'the one'), Nakamura Fujiwara, Himuro Koharu, Ishimaru Chiaki, and Katou Natsumi.), would like you to take a look at their site, :) thanks!

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