Tuesday, October 6, 2009


hey people. :D
I just remembered some other stuff to post about. and, because I'm to lazy simply to edit my last post, I'm writing a new one. lol. I forgot to say that tomorrow I go to the Pirate's exhibit in the field museum with my friend, his brother, and his mom, oh, and Christina. :) and I'm super excited. (you can tell. I put "Super" right in front of excited.)
Another thing, I've decided I don't like my braces very much. It'll probably get better as time goes on, but right now they hurt like crazy cakes, I've already taken three pills to help them feel better, today, and I'm only supposed to take six a day... at the maximum... what am I going to do... (please don't answer that).


*Vienna* said...

ya i was wondering you seemed excited in ur that post u posted but i diden't want to brake it to u at first they feel super weierd when they are up against you lips but it doesent take long till they back of kinda and then you don't even notice them kinda

Random GC Girl..... said...

Poor you :o( I'm sure they'll feel less sore soon