Saturday, October 31, 2009

my dream last night...

OK, so generally, I don't post my dreams. BUT last night I had the very worst dream I've EVER had, without it being a nightmare!!!

It started out that my family (which in this case was my aunt diane, uncle eric, my mom, dad, all my siblings, my dogs, and like, I think my aunt Laura was there too), we were at my grandma and grandpa's house (in Wisconsin.) only it was huge!! Like, I knew my way around and everything (I've been there before*) anyway. We were going to go to this giant water park. We got in the car, and started driving. But about halfway there, our car broke down. (great.) luckily there was this HUGE house near the side of the road! (and I mean H U G E.) it was like, a combination of my Aunt (Diane) and Uncle (Eric)'s house, and the Farm. So, we walked up to the door, and rung the doorbell. A young man and woman, and three old women, opened the door. They were all dressed old fashioned. Weird, I thought. So, we went in, and we discovered that they were like, witches. Only not the "Harry Potter" type. they were the type that used voodoo dolls, cast evil spells, and worshiped spirits of the forest. (now that I think about it, they were more like, druids.) So, they looked at our car, and they told us that it was going to be about... hmm... a week before it would be fixed. So, we got to know the witches.

One day, my siblings, the two younger witches (husband and wife, if you didn't know), and I, were out in the yard. There was a baby deer, and I touched it. (it was soooooo cute) suddenly, the sky got dark, and I knew we were in trouble. we ran into the house, and the three old witches started screaming at me "WHAT HAVE YOU DONE, YOU HORRIBLE CREATURE!!! NATURE IS NOT TO BE RUINED BY CLUMSY HUMANS LIKE YOURSELF!!!" I felt horrible. and angry.
The old witches said the only way to appease the nature spirits, was to offer our sincere regrets. so we all went outside (it was still pitch dark), and we sat around this little, low, long, table. We each had a bowl... well, what looked like them. but as I looked closer, I saw that they were actually HUMAN SKULLS!!! there was a liquid, with things floating around in it, in the skulls. We had to drink it. so we did. and then we offered the bits (which somehow we hadn't swallowed) to the sky, and suddenly a giant thunderbolt came down, and two old (female) witches, and one old (male) witch came down. they were dressed all in black. The male witch had this dog with him. at first glance, he looked stupid. he was a white dog, and his eyes were, well, also white. and they were high up on his face, and they were close together. his face was kind of dorky, it looked like a rectangle. but suddenly the male witch let him go, and the dog jumped at one of the old witches, and ATE HER!! now we were all freaked out. We started running to the house... but the dog got in. The witches ran to our car, and started trying to fix it. (so that we could all get away and avoid being eaten.) meanwhile, the (new, old) witches, (all of them) and us were trying to do another ceramony, to try to stop the spirit which had possessed the dog. But the dog broke in on us in the middle. and we all ran away, trying to get away. luckily, the witches yelled out that our car was fixed. we all started to get out. (for somereason) we started turning all the lights off. Ken ran up to the attic, and told me he would turn those off. (this is the part where it started turning into a (real) nightmare). I believed that he would be right back, so I went out to see if everyone was ok. a couple minutes passed, and I finally asked my mom "have you seen Ken?" she said "no, I haven't... why?" uh oh, I thought. I went back in the house... no dog.. no ken... I remembered that he was going to turn the lights off in the attic, and I ran up there. I opened the door, and the dog was pacing around inside. I noticed that there was another door. I crept by the dog, and opened it, I saw Ken, in a corner, looking terrified, but the dog noticed me, so I jumped onto the side with Ken, and held the door closed. Somehow, he couldn't push it open. it was odd. anyway, when I looked back at Ken, he was not there. (crap) so I started walking around, trying to find him. I probably did this for several minutes, before I realized he had climbed onto my back. (go figure) so we opened the door VERY CAUTIOUSLY. the dog wasn't there. so we went down to the first level, and I saw the dog outside, and the witche's other (bad) dogs (which, oddly, hadn't appeared until now, they were tiny, like, those fluff ball dogs you see? the ones were they just look like a bunch of fluff with a nose, and eyes?)
anyway. they were outside. around all the windows, and all the doors. they weren't interested with the rest of my family, who were outside. just us. we tried clibimg out the window. didn't work. tried going out the door. didn't work. so, we ended up just standing there, until this, blue, truck came driving by. She (the person in the truck) saw the dogs, and she got out, and ran towards them, yelling (they're PERFECT!!) we told her they were free, and she roped them up. strangely, the minute she put a leash on the little ones, they became docile. the minute that she put a leash on the big one, you could tell that, even though he was still evil, he couldn't eat anyone anymore. she pulled them away, and I got back into the car. and we went to the waterpark, LOL.

see, it wasn't a bad ending, but it WAS bad dream. it was so sad, cause I seriously felt like I had lost Ken... in real life, and I felt like my heart was going to break, cause it was all my fault, and there really was no chance that he could be alive. :(

*I often dream about places several times. my "grandma's" house, is normally a place where people (me, included) take refuge, until the bad guys come, where we always escape down a whirlpool. ya. I've had A LOT of dreams there... and the waterpark... I often dreams there, as well!!! like, my friends go to a waterpark (there), but the stupid slide breaks, and we have to help save everyone. *sigh.*

well, sorry for writing such a long post, but I really needed to share that dream, and I wrote it only a couple of minutes after I woke up. :D
hope you enjoyed...


Cat said...

that is really weird... wow.

Sharon said...

So here is how I interpret this dream (with help from the dream dictionary)

You begin with your family, representing security, warmth and love. You are at Grandma and Grandpa's house, and you are getting into a car (or some other vehicle) which represents your own personal power or ego. You are on the way to a waterpark, a place of cleansing.

On the way, the car breaks down, symbolizing your need to stop and enjoy life. Luckily, there was a huge house on the side of the road. Now, houses are tricky. On the one hand, they represent your own soul and self. So the car breaking down and seeing the house might mean that you need to stop and enjoy life, but you are for some reason reluctant to do that. So you take refuge in your self. If the house is old and run-down, as it might be if it is like Diane & Erik's, that means your old beliefs and old ways of thinking. Which might make sense there.

What is in the house, however are witches. Witches in a dream (no matter how you might admire them) represent evil, fear, and fear of power.

Next you were out in the yard and a little deer stops by. Deer are good. They symbolize grace, gentleness, and natural beauty. You touch it, and the witches get really ticked off at you. The sky turns cloudy and overcast, which foretells of sadness and trouble.

In order to stop the chaos outside, you need to drink from skulls (aside here – yuck.) Skulls represent the intellect or secrets of the mind. You are keeping some things hidden. Then you get more witches coming in on a thunderbolt. Thunder, in a dream signifies a violent eruption of anger and aggression. Perhaps your old self doesn't want you to embrace a more feminine side, but it is something that you would like to explore, maybe act a little girly. It is causing you to feel conflicted.

Then in come the dogs. Normally, dogs are good, symbolizing intuition, loyalty, generosity, protection, and fidelity. But this one isn't so nice. A that is dog is vicious and/or growling, signifies some inner conflict within yourself. Which fits with the rest of the dream. One of the witches is consumed by the white dog. White is a symbol of energy and vitality. This could represent you somehow overcoming fear.

Now Ken gets into the action. To see your brother in your dream, may symbolize some aspect of your relationship with him. In this case, your responsibility for him, perhaps? You are in the attic, which symbolizes your intellect. You can't get out of your head. Eventually, you are rescued by a driver in a blue truck. Blue denotes inner peace and contentment. The driver puts leashes on the dogs, making them relatively normal dogs again. (good dog.) You rejoin your family – security and love again, and continue to the waterpark – a place of cleansing. A waterslide represents a feeling of going with the flow. So you know your family will love you no matter what.

So, it's okay to be girly, if you want. Don't feel weird about it.