Wednesday, October 21, 2009

field museum and Government papers.

So, this morning I had to get up early, to go to the field museum with Matthew, Jon, Christina, and Ms. Mary. so, we sat in the car for about an hour, then got to the museum, only to find that the organizer, Mrs Blome, wasn't there. so we just, walked around the exhibits you could go in without tickets. then we found out that you didn't need tickets, you needed these weird sticker things for the adults. weird. anyway, we went to all the exhibits, except for the "special" ones (i.e. the something adventure), and the ones that were closed (sadly, the Gem room.) but, it was alot of fun. :D the ride home was ok... except about five minutes after we left, Matthew fell asleep. but then Jon entertained us all (except Matthew) by thinking that there was a PIG in the passenger seat of a truck. yes, that's right, a pig. P I G. so we had to go catch up to the truck, of course, to see whether there was a pig. (there wasn't, btw.) and then we got home, and Valerie's book club was going on. yay.
Also, today I finished my government paper. it's about 5 1/8 pages long. whew.
it, in my opinion, is pretty sound... lets just hope the teachers (my mom and ms. Gloria) think so too. :D

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