Friday, October 9, 2009

part of a story

so, I was looking in my government notebook, and I found one of my old stories! or, should I say, one chapter. :) I am going to type it up, cause I think that it's a good one. I had based the main characters Vivian, Tabitha, and Eric, on my friends Vivian, her sister Sabrina, and brother, Derek. :) tell me what you think. (note: be kind, I wrote this when I was 8.. you can tell. I wrote "stories" as "storys".)

Chapter one: Christmas
Vivian lived with her cousins Sara, Eric, and Tabitha. Sara was the eldest; about 30 years old. Sara looked electric. Her eyes were blue; shiny like marbles. Her hair was shocking pink. Even her smile was electric. (my mom wrote that part.) Eric, on the other hand, had darker skin, Deep brown eyes, and Dark brown hair. Many of his (I don't know what word I have here, it looks like "viztoms") friends were tricked by his looks. He is a goof ball who loves practical jokes!
Tabitha has black hair, which is shoulder length. She had green eyes, and was shyer, but was top in history of magic.
Vivian looked something like Tabitha. she had let her hair grow to her waist, and it was curly and black. her eyes were purple, like her bat's.

All of the girls were witches, and Eric was a wizard. All of the cousins lived in an old, and very tall house. the unlucky girl's (not Sara) got the top room for their bedroom. the cellar was given up as a potion room, and the 3rd floor was for charms, history, and transfiguration.

Vivian sat at the end of her bed, in deep talk with Tabitha. Suddenly a BANG! erupted from right behind her!
"Eric!!!" Tabitha screamed.
Vivian turned around suddenly. "Eric!" she took up the cry.
"Sara, help Eric!" cried Tabitha. She was as red as a tomato. Just as Eric fell down laughing, Sara entered the room.
"What has Eric done now?" she said, calmly.
"He set a fire cracker behind me." Vivian answered hotly. Sara frowned.
"you know tomorrow's Christmas, don't you?" Eric looked horrified.
"oh no" he groaned. "I bet I get a piece of coal."
"but snow!!!" cried Tabitha Joyfully. "Wonderful! I can use my new snow toys!" Vivian excitedly pronounced. "That's one good thing" Eric said.
"We haven't even hung up our stockins!" Screamed Eric.
"Let's get rocking, Kids!" Sara exclaimed! "Eric, go shovel the driveway. Girls, lets get booking!"
the house soon was so loud, the girl's couldn't believe their ears!
The Christmas music was (I don't know what it says here either, it says pro.bublic) proudly singing jingle bells.
"Eric, go get the Christmas tree!"
"eye eye matey!"
"don't talk to me like that!"
finally Tabitha sat down. Suddenly she saw the clock strike 11:30.
as the kidss heard this, they scrambled to their beds.
"I wonder if Santa Claus will come!" Tabitha whispered excitedly across beds.
"I don't know..." came the muffled reply. the girls lay in silence for a while, then Vivian was flying... there was Santa....
"WAKE UP VIVIAN!!!" Tabitha was yelling in her face "ERIC'S GONE!"

and that's where I stopped writing. I remember writing more... but for the life of me I can't remember where I put the second chapter. :S
but I can write more if you people want me to, just please comment. :D

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Random GC Girl..... said...

Awww cute story !! That was actually very good for an eight year old, lol XD