Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Dashing through the snow, in a three-wheeler sleigh..

Still at my Grandma and Grandpa's house! :) We just got back from going on a ride in this sleigh, hitched to the back of my Grandpa's three-wheeler. It is quite cool- there is one bench (with a back) facing one way, a bench without a back in the middle, and another backed bench facing the other way, with a cushion. The one with the cushion is the one farthest away from the three-wheeler, and each bench can seat three people.
Behind the bench with the cushion, there is a fishingpole, with a pink flag attached to it. The flag is fairly high- probably about two and a half feet from the back of the bench. attached also to the back of the bench is a green plastic strip, with several large jingle bells attached to it. These don't ring when you drive, so someone who is sitting in the back has to grab the strip and shake it around to make the bells ring.

When we ride on the sleigh, we have two blankets, and each backed bench gets one. The dog, Bear, usually rides in between a backed bench and the bench in the middle, and sometimes he runs behind, or in front of, the sleigh.
There are several advantages and disadvantages of riding in each seat.

Advantages of riding in the middle: it's not backed, so you can see either way, or even ride sideways. It's also far more exciting than being on either of the backed sides.
Disadvantages: you have a far higher chance of falling off, and your feet are usually very cramped.

Advantages of riding in the cushion seat: you can see where you're going, and when to duck. And your butt is comfy.
Disadvantages: two words: windburn hurts.

Advantages of riding in the other backed seat: no windburn! It's still comfy, you get a blanket, and it's very interesting to go backwards.
Disadvantages: you have to rely on your siblings' faulty warnings as to when to duck.

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