Thursday, December 16, 2010

New News- try to say THAT five times fast.

Well! There's some news here, at my house. I'm not sure if I posted it...
*checks blog*
Yes, I did... I said
"Plus, did I mention- my mum's pregnant! Wham, just gonna throw that out there"
So, THAT'S not exactly new news, now is it. But, for those of you who read half my post then skipped the rest (Can you keep a secret? I do the same thing too.. shhh it's a secret!), then let me remind you:
my mom's pregnant!
She's actually due in May sometime, so, that's exciting.


Today we went to her ultra sound (oh boy- stand around in a stifling hot room with your parents and four siblings watching a grainy gray picture on the computer, then go outside and sit for fifteen minutes, waiting for your parents and suffering from the suspicious looks thrown in your direction by a grumpy looking pregnant woman across from you), and we found out... it's going to be...

*drum roll*

A baby boy!! Oh Boy! (literally, lol.)

See? SEE?! LOOKATHISNOSE! That, my friends, is the *insert last name here* nose!!! YES!!
Oh, and on a side note: to those of you who had the same worry as my brother Kenneth*, it is in fact a human being.

*my brother, six years old, was concerned that my mom was going to give birth to a puppy.
sorry to disappoint you, but..


Cat :D said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!! XD I so want a wee brother or sister! You're so lucky!!! :D


E.N. & S.D. said...

Make room for more! Happy oldest sisterhood (again).