Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Do you know what I love?

I love when my brain suddenly and apparently randomly, comes up with some brilliant idea that makes me jump up and down laughing like a demented hyena, and makes me want to rush to my phone and call all my friends just to rave about how brilliant my brain is. (Note: I say "my brain" not "me", because these things usually come when I'm not thinking about them at all.)
Today has been one of those days where those brilliant moments come often and close between. I will illustrate.
  • When I was working on my OYAN Other Worlds book's plot, with Valerie and my mom helping me, I came up with several grand ideas, all by myself, and eventually finished planning out my plot. This wouldn't be so amazing, except for the fact that not only has the "main" plot been planned out, with a happy ending, but I have managed to work in three SUBPLOTS, which is usually one of my weaknesses. Subplots. I don't do so well on them.
  • I managed to plan out my week of homework*, in a simple, comprehensible way. Let me point out that planning my homework in a way that gives me a chance of actually completing the work on any given day, that is a skill that I normally do not possess.
And the best part of this? I got up at 8:20, and my first brilliant bit came at... oh... 11, I'd say. It's now noon, and I've had two smart bits so far.
If the rest of my day continues like this, I might actually manage to get myself off the computer and do some work!

*I'm trying something new: scheduling my homework as it would be scheduled in college, as a class about twice a week. This is my latest attempt to feel that I might actually have some control of my life. Not that I ever have, really, I just like to pretend I do.

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I love your posts!!! XD