Thursday, December 23, 2010

Why I should really get my Christmas sewing done earlier...

Today, after several weeks of sewing machine/ironing deprived life, my mom has finally managed to get it back up and running. (or were the machines never not working? I'm not sure, but I will talk more about this later.).
But there is still some bad news.
More on that later.
First of all, if you haven't noticed, I'm a fairly crafty person. As in- I like to make strange animals out of socks, obsessively roll tiny strips of paper into a gluey ball that ends up maybe working as a bead sometimes, going mad and attacking t-shirts with scissors, getting stir crazy and painting large unnatural looking things on my walls (sorry about the hospital legs, oh faery... so sorry...), and so on.
Because of this, most of the Christmas presents (okay, almost all the presents) I give, I try to make homemade. So, this means extensive sewing/cutting/gluing.
Another thing about me: I procrastinate. I procrastinate my procrastinating. Sure, there are days when I wake up, punch the air and scream, I WILL NOT PROCRASTINATE TODAY! And those are the days where I'm almost literally everywhere at once, doing my math, practicing piano, making dinner for my mom, etc., etc. But most days... not so much.
As such, as much as I enjoy crafting, I tend to procrastinate it until the last moment, when I look at the calendar and go... "Oh... my gosh... it's.... Christmas eve tomorrow! Heh... I suppose I should make my mom and sister's presents now.. hehehe...." and then worry about it until I finally stumble upon something to make and then have to make it in about ten minutes.
As a procrastinator, I am procrastinating sewing, for reasons I will explain in a minute. Before then, let me post a list as to why I should get all my crafting for presents done early.
  1. During winter, the basement is usually ice cold, and to prepare for staying downstairs for any length of time (besides when I sleep), I tend to have to wear several sweaters/shirts, and put on a hat. And shoes. Sometimes socks. Point: it's cold.
  2. The sewing machine is an obstinate metal creature whose entire point in life, it seems, is to work perfectly for my mother, then to explode into a thread covered mess all over my sewing, when she isn't looking.
  3. Whenever I'm crafting any other season, no one is suspicious. If I start sewing something during winter, everyone assumes (usually correctly) that it is a last minute gift to someone who I really should have had a gift for several months before.
  4. Due to the fact the sewing machine hates me, I tend to get frustrated at it, stomp upstairs, then spend hours on the computer writing posts like the one you're reading now.
  5. If I can spread out the times I have to beg my mother to help me destroy the sewing mess, she tends to be less grouchy than she does when I'm coming upstairs every five minutes and saying something along the lines of, "Um... mom? Mom? the uh... sewing machine isn't working again."
As you can see, those are all very good reasons for me to do my work before the day before Christmas eve. However, despite the fact that I make mental notes every single time this happens, not to let it happen again, undoubtedly it will happen again. Go figure.

On a related note: Merry Christmas!

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Cat :D said...

LOL!! That was such a cool post, lol. :D

I'm a bit like that too tbh, rofl... XD