Thursday, December 2, 2010

Read Epic Bob

In my quest to make my friend Katie's blog, Epic Bob, famous, I've made a little button for it. It's down on the side of my blog. No, that isn't Bob. That's MY favorite character- Marvin's girlfriend and Bobette's best friend- Sunflower Girl! She's awesome! And she's alive!
So, I have the awesome Sunflower Girl button, and the somewhat retarded looking Epic Bob button. (not Bob- he's not retarded. It's the button, because I thought... this is about Bob. Not Sunflower Girl. I suppose I should make one with his face. And so I made it, and it turned out looking stupid.) but anyway, those are the two buttons... if you take one, LINK IT TO: please!


Cat said...

May I post the sunflower one on my facebook?

Angela said...

Go ahead, LOL. :D