Friday, July 3, 2009

yay. lol, random. anyway. Yesterday I went to two museums. It was my mom and dad's anniversary, so we had to go to the museums. Anyway, we went up to Kenosha, and went to the Kenosha public museum. Then we went to the dinosaur museum, which wasn't very interesting, and it was really small. ugh. Then we went to this Red Robin, which I didn't like one bit. it was loud, noisy, it took forever to get my food, and to get a refill in root beer, and of course there were to many TVs. why do people have TVs in a restaurant? I don't get that. I mean, seriously. have intresting decoration, and people will look at that instead of a screen. ugh.
thats about it. when I get the time I will post pic. =D

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