Monday, July 13, 2009

Harry Potter!!

ahhh!! run away run away! tomorrow I take the CLEP, and I am so nervous!!! also tomorrow we (my family and I) go to see Harry Potter and the Half-blood Prince!! if I pass, its a reward. if I fail its a consolation prize!! so either way its a win win win lose! lol, so I guess its not an either way, is it. oh well. :D so, I have made all these flashcards today, and I can answer all of the them correctly, but chances are none of them will be on the CLEP!!! ahhhhhh, I am so nervous! my friend Linda has been trying to help me, but its not working! (sorry Linda.)


Anonymous said...

Harry Potter isn't out here yet :o(
I love it :D I can't wait to see it so if its good could you tell me. Could you miby visit my page and get the link to the new blog I just made with Kendall ?? If you could that'd be great! :o)

**NeonGlitter** said...

Good luck!!!!! :o)