Friday, July 3, 2009

hi. so, I've seen these "101 in 1001" things on my friends blogs, and I thought it was a good idea. so I did one. sorry if it seems kinda silly near the end, I was really running out of ideas.
Green is what I'm working on.
1. Review fifty books. 24/50
2. finish Lord Of The Rings
3. Pass the CLEP
4. do my math faithfully for a month 0/31
5. earn ten girl scout badges by myself. 0/10
6. not get annoyed at my sister all week, for three weeks. 0/3
7. Be outside for half an hour everyday for two weeks 0/2
8. learn five new magic tricks, really well, and teach them to someone. 0/5
9. donate 1,000,000 grains of rice on 2,400/1,000,000
10. Finish Narnia.
11. Learn how to make ten different kinds of cookies 0/10
12. finish knitting my tanktop
13. finish sewing my orange skirt
14. learn to crochet
15. Smile sixteen times everyday for a week 0/7
16. go with out any electronics for a day. (this includes my cell phone.)
17. learn how to do a front dive really really well.
18. do a hundred freestyle without stopping *
19. write in my diary every day for four weeks 0/4
20. go out for icecream in my pajamas.
21. eat a salad every lunch for about, uhh, three weeks.
22. do my diving stretching routine every day, whether I have diving or not for six months. 0/6
23. learn basic French
24. Dance around in the rain until I'm soaked.
25. Have a Harry Potter movie marathon.
26. learn how to make a really good meal, and cook it for my family.
27. read my American Minute book everyday for a year.
28. Write a song.
29. Write cards to my friends
30. get three autographs. 0/3
31. Get to level elite in Division X.
32. In D&D, get my character to level twelve.
33. Don't have any overdue books for a month. (this one is gonna be hard.)
34. finish making my pajama pants. 0/2
35. post everyday for a month.
36. Get a new camera!!
37. get Aly and AJ's album into the rush from the library, and put their songs on my ipod.
38. make all my notebooks pretty.
39. make horoscope greeting cards, and send them to my friends.
40. get up at six thirty every morning for a week. 0/7
41. Turn all the lights off for fifteen minutes a day for two weeks.
42. learn yoga.
43. talk to my friends everyday.
44. for one week, be a vegetarian.
45. weed my garden all summer.
46. talk more to my friends and less to Charlotte and James.
47. be more positive!
48. laugh as much as I do in emails. =D
49. do a suduko puzzle everyday for a month. 0/31
50. clean my room, and keep it clean for three months.
51. keep flowers in my room.
52. fix my black sweater.
53. fix my green hoodie.
54. practice piano everyday for two months. 0/62
55. learn how to be a dungeon master in D&D.
56. watch the first harry potter movie withough reciting lines along with the characters.
57. watch Lord Of The Rings without yelling at the characters, and without calling Boromir a buthead. lol.
58. learn to play a new musical insturment.
59. have three random parties. 0/3
60. memorize the animaniac's president song. (Linda, don't kill me.)
61. buy myself some really neat looking shoes.
62. paint the file cabinet which works as my beside table, paint it like, green or something.
63. read Monica ten board books, for three days. 0/3
64. clean the livingroom everyday for a year. 0/365
65. go camping in my backyard, by myself.
66. get some new Harry Potter posters to replace my old ripped up ones.
67. go somewhere with a bunch of my friends. (like, uhh, out for lunch or something?)
68. be different than everyone else that I know.
69. On Pirates Of The Carribean Online, get my pirate (Kat Wavestealer) to level thirty.
70. finish the 100 mile challenge for hike Lake County.
71. when I go over to Grandma's house, take Lota for a walk.
72. Bike over to the forest preserve, and play at the park.
73. become an expert on one animal, and then share what I know on Rachel's facts blog.
74. do a media review!!!
75. make a cd of my favorite songs.
76. make a sims 2 music video.
77. learn how to say "hello" in twenty languages. 0/20
78. pick up one random book, which I normaly wouldn't read, and read it.
79. take more pictures.
80. practice making lists so that when I have to make a list like this, it isn't so hard.
81. learn to skateboard.
82. sew sequins on something.
83. jump rope for an hour.
84. get my babysitting certificate!
85. paint my toenails purple.
86. locate the temporary hair dye and dye my hair pink.
87. have a spa night with my friends.
88. see Harry Potter and the half blood prince!!!!!!
89. drink a cup of dandelion tea.
90. for one day, only listen to classical music.
91. make an igloo!
92. have a snowball fight with my friends.
93. Rake a giant pile of leaves, and bury someone under it.
94. Play dead man with Vivian.
95. learn how to play poker. *
96. play blackjack, using pinecones to bet with.
97. faithfully complete my "to do" list everyday for a month. 0/31
98. comment on everyone's who reads my blog's blog.
99. somehow convince my mom to let me bike every week. lol.
100. have a disney movie marathon with Kenneth.
101. learn how to do a flip dive. *

*= what I've done.


Anonymous said...

That is a lot, woh, good for you, lol. Have you posted on my new blog yet ??

Leperdy said...

Alex says yes, you're welcome to use his blog review. P.S. We're traveling right now, so we're not always able to get online. That's why it took so long to respond.

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desertpeach said...

Great List!
Good luck

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It would be great to add to a 101 list