Tuesday, July 14, 2009

some secrets that people may not know about me.

this is kinda a reply to Cherry Diva's pssst, I have a secret! post.
ok, here goes.
I haven't read, or watched twilight, and I don't want to.
I don't have Twitter, MSN, facebook or Windows Live Messenger.
before all my friends started being obsessed with Twilight, I didnt have a clue who Robert Patterson was. I have no idea which Jonas Brother is which, Most of my music on my Ipod none of my friends have ever heard of, I have never ever ever fought with any of my friends (most of them think thats really weird.), my last birthday was fifties themed, I don't know hardly any celebritys, but I can name the authors of my books, i.e. the BFG, Roald Dahl. Fable haven, somehting Mull. Dealing with dragons- Patrica C. Wrede. lots of people think thats weird. My favorite type of math is long division, multiplication by two digit numbers, and figuring out what X is. I am so happy when I get something figured out. I'm kinda considered "the drama freak" person when we do plays, I am the tallest person who is in casts when we do plays, my favorite computer game is Pirates Of the Carribean online, which like, none of my friends had even heard of until I told them about it, and I hate Webkinz. lol, I think thats good enough for everyone to know. I hope Cherry Diva feels better now.

ahhhhhhhhh.... ONLY TWO HOURS TILL I TAKE THE CLEP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I will make sure to alert everyone whether I passed or not, when I find out!!! I am so scared!! I wish I could be calm like Linda, "Chill Angela, you will do fine"!!! omigoshomigoshomigoshomigoshomigosh!!!!!!! and its over an hour long! 90 min. to be exact, and it has 120 questtttttionnnnns!!! omigoshomigoshomigoshomigoshomigosh!


Cherry Diva said...

LO, it dos make me feel better.

*Vienna* said...

COOL oh about that quiz i don't know what it is but i am sure u will ace it

Beanie said...

You'll do great in it :D

Angela said...

I'm glad it made you feel better, Cherry Diva.