Saturday, July 11, 2009

omg, its 11:11 AM!

ok, other than that...
yesterday I went to diving, and had an awesome time. I GOT TO DO BACKBENDS. :D
then I went to swimming, and fifteen seconds after I got into the water, the lightning detector went off, so we had to go. :( it was the last swim lesson too, so basically we missed it!! *sob*
then I went to Katie's birthday party, yay. :D it had already cleared up, so we got to go tubing. yipee! lol, mostly it went like this:
Linda, Abigail, and Liz would go together, and then
Katie, Madeline (or sometimes her sister Victoria), and I would go together. lol, it was fun.
except the music was to loud. I dunno how people can stand really loud music. Madeline and I were talking, and we were literally yelling to hear each other. ugh.
then we went home, and I made two posters for the CLEP, which is on tuuuuuuessssssday... AHHH!
yup. oh, and I wanted to share this link with you peoples, its really cool:
I got it from a friend of mine, and I think its really kinda neat.

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