Thursday, July 16, 2009

Harry Potter, CLEP, and some other things.

hi people! I'll start with the happy stuff. I find it harder to go from sad to happy than from happy to sad.
ok, so I saw Harry Potter, and I think its one of the best movies I have ever ever seen. it was so good! and it was really really funny. :D I would definatly reccomend it. it was also very like the book, like I knew exactly what was going to happen, because it was so like the book. awesome, right?!
ok, so I didn't pass the CLEP. oh well. too bad. I got a 47 but I needed a 50. my mom wants me to take it again, but I don't really want to. I already have highschool credit. yes, it would of been nice to have college, but the next time I could take it is in January, and I would have to review a lot, but this winter I am going to be taking AP American Government, and that is going to be a tricky class. (AP is another test, its highschool credit which can be transferred to college.)

oh, and btw, for all the people out there who have a someone dying, I'm sorry.

ok, that was random, but I was just thinking that if I read someone's blog, and it said that, and I had someone I loved dying, I would feel a lot better reading it. :)


Kendall said...

Hi Angela I hav Already left u a comment but I realize its on the wrong blog so can u be me friend my names Kendall If you hav read my post from Eco Action then u already know about me

Cat said...

It doesn't matter that you didn't pass, you tried really hard (I was there!) :P and you did awesome in class. You rockness anyway.
Yes, HP WAS AWESOME! And the pincers. Tttt.

Cat said...

oh and you don't have to publish this but I was wondering if you'd like the *honor* of reviewing HP6 over at medialikethat? :P :)