Monday, June 1, 2009

six random things which make me feel good

I just now checked Neon Glitter/ Amber's blog, and I am going to do those six random things, right now! (mostly because I don't want to forget. =S)

1. A good book. Even if I have read it a thousand times (or so it seems), I always get scared when it's scary, and I Feel good when its happy.
2. rain. I know this sounds silly, but thunderstorms and rain make me feel safe.
3. little kids! I love little kids, and they love me! (seriously, I was at a park, and three little kids were following me around, just because I helped one of them climb onto a climbing rock)
4. my friends. Whether they are across the sea, like Amber and Vienna, or I see them almost once a week, like Cat and Sara, and sometimes Trilly, lol, I really like talking to, seeing, emailing, etc. them. ( I don't know whether Shelly is close to my house)
5. the piano. there is just something calming and happy about the piano. lol, thats also what I do when I'm angry. play the piano
6. shopping! especially shoes. I don't like the fashions right now, but Goodwill, and other places like that, where you never know what you are going to find, like, shell animals, or cool clothes, or just random barbie dolls with their hair cut off, its just fun. besides, better for the environment. oh, and DSW, shoes, I love that store!!!

so, now I suppose I have to tag people.
hmm, Trilly, ( ) or, she is on my blog list
Sara (also on my blog list)
Vienna (same)
Katie (same, although don't bother checking her blogs, she never posts.)

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*Vienna* said...

Cool I allready did one but I can do one again On what makes me happy