Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Random, random, RANDOM!!!

hola peoples!!!
so, today I went to six flags/ great america!! I went with Katie, Linda, Abi, and Robin, whose blog I read but I have never met before (she was really nice, just so you know. =). we went on a lot of rides. I went on :

the teacup whats-it-called ride
the raging bull (awesome ride)
the American eagle
the demon
a wet boat ride
the viper

and there might of been more, I'm not sure.
it was really fun though, and we ate a lot of cotton candy, and we walked a lot too.
now I'm going to sleep. Post More Later.

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Xx_RachelAnn_xX said...

can uu look at my blog because I've given uu an award for one of the best blogs !!