Friday, June 5, 2009

an all about me

I haven't done one of these for a while, but I decided to do one today.

"do you like" section.

Do you like skirts? depends, mostly not.
Do you like dresses? NO!!!!
Do you like pink? Hot pink, yes, light pink, not really.
Do you like sweat pants? Not to much.
Do you like short hair? on other people, sure, but I think I like long hair better on me.
Do you like fashion? not really, it changes to fast, and anyway, a lot of the fashions just look plain dumb.
Do you like to dance? not unless either
1. I am all alone in my room,
2. I am so tired and hyper I don't care about anything.

"What... "

What do you hate? Jerks who tell me to shut up, idiots, a messy room, not having done my homework, girly girls.
What do you love? Books, studying, friends.


fav. color: Purple and Orange
fav. books: right now, Ordinary princess and Maximum ride
fav. song(s): right now, so what and hot 'n cold, basically anything ABBA, and Material girl.
fav. animal: mongooses!!

if you have a blog, if you want to use this "all about me, me, me ", go ahead. =D


Sheila said...

Hi! You haven't posted in a while! Anyways, why did you cut your hair short if you say you don't like having short hair? Was it just to donate it, cuz that is why I cut my hair short! You look good with short hair! More pictures of your new short haircut, please!!! How does it look from the back? I kinda like short hair!

Sheila aka S

Angela said...

I'm very sorry, but I am not going to post more pictures of my hair cut.

Sheila said...

What? Why not? You said you would post more pictures of your new haircut? Why did you change your mind? Please reply back! Do you not like how you look with short hair? What's wrong with short hair? I like short hair! Please reply back! Thanks!

Sheila aka S

Angela said...

I am not going to post anymore pictures of my hair, because there are some really creepy people out there who might want to stalk me, and I don't think that its a very good idea to put more pictures of my head on the internet.