Friday, June 5, 2009

things to fill in

I got this off of Catriona's blog.
I live.... in the basement (thats where my room is)

I work.... a lot, my school is HARD.

I talk... alot, alot, lol, ask anyone who knows me...
I look... worse now that I cut my hair... (just kidding, although I really do want to grow it really long... longer than it was.)

I smell... I don't know! stop asking me these questions!

I hide... in my dinky little wardrobe, which I can barely fit into!

I pray... that I won't fail the CLEP!!!!

I walk... up and down the stairs at least ten times each day.

I can... play piano, cook, sew, spin, do math, read, baby sit, homework, text Trilly for two hours, etc.

I watch... not that much TV, I could be doing other things, like annoying my brother, or reading, or doing something useful!

I learn... all kinds of things in school which I probably will never use in real life.

I daydream... a lot!! about all kinds of stuff!

I want... MAXIMUM RIDE BOOKS!!!! ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!

I read... literally, anything, any time. I read road signs for Pete's sake!

I love... to type gibberish, listen to music, blog, duh, watch Harry Potter, read... etc.

I wonder... why blue is called blue, how language started. why is the sky blue and not hot pink? why my ipod switches songs when I tap it, etc. ( why people are total jerks sometimes)

I hurt... myself every morning trying to get upstairs for breakfast. I almost always run into a wooden rocking chair, or into the ladder for the reading loft.

I fear... that one day the sun will go, while I'm alive!

I hope... for a lot of things.

I eat... when I'm hungry

I drink... when I'm thirsty

I save... THE WORLD!!! (lol, just kidding.)

I hug... my friends.

I forgive... people a lot, probably more than I should.

I've learned... all kinds of things! like, addition. and subtraction. how about "what allowed settlers to move to the great plains?" (answer: barbed wire)

I have... all kinds of things which I really don't need, like random papers from magazines floating around in my bed room.

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