Sunday, May 31, 2009


ok, so, first of all, I have a blog carnival, and I need more submissions. please, submit some book reviews! you can find the link on

second, I was digging around in some bins which I filled with junk from like, three years ago, and I found this poem, well, actually two poems, by my friend Vivian, and I decided to post them.
I personally like the one about the fly.


It's lighter than a bow,
You play in it,
Fight in it,
And have lots of fun in it,


What is in the sky,
nothing but a fly,
you swat,
and you fought,
'Till it's black and blue.

please, leave a comment saying how much you like them, because my friend worked hard on them!!


Sheila said...

Angela, I love your new haircut! Please post more pictures of your new haircut, like how does it look from the back and sides? Wow, ear length, that is short! I am an eleven year old girl and my hair is short, too! Love to see more pictures of your new haircut, from the back and all! Thank you! I love your blog!!!


Sheila said...

Hello again! I just wanted to mention that I also donated my hair to locks of love several months ago. Now I have short ear length hair like yours! I really like your blog! Still love to see more pictures of your new haircut!!! Thank you!


Cat said...

yay vivian. :P I like the fly one. :) The snow one is pretty cool to.

Are these Haikus (or rather based off of)? I noticed that they are similiar, though I don't think they are.

Angela said...

actually, I think that Vivian was just trying to get sentences which rhyme. =P lol.

hi Sheila! I will try to post more pictures when I get the chance! I would love to be your friend! =D its so rarely that anyone I don't know in real life comments, so thanks! =D

**NeonGlitter** said...

Hi Angela, I think them poems were really cool. My fave was the snow one but I also like the fly one.

What is Locks of Love? Is it a hairdressers or something?

Gotta go,
Amber :D