Tuesday, June 2, 2009


today, today, today. today I went to the orthidontist, and I went to the park. we actually went to the park after the orthidontist, but I want to start there, so I will. save the questions for comments. so, we got to the park, and there was no one there, which was pretty disapointing, considering it was a park day for petes sake. you see, in summer, starting in May, my homeschool group has park days, which everyone comes to a certain park, and we all play. well, there was no one there, but we figured we might as well play. so, we played for about ten minutes, and then these two kids, Andrew and Jessica, they and their mom drove up. They got out of the car, and so we played with them. now, Andrew is only Christina's age, and Jessica is Kenneth's, but who cares, right? well, I played with Jessica. she is such a sweet, nice, child, or should I say, sweet, nice, talkative, and energetic. whew, they say that a child needs an hour of exercise outside everyday? with Jessica, more like, five minutes running around with her, that would work just as well. anyway, so I ran around for her for one and one half hours, and then we went home, and my mom took a walk with the dog. now, the orthidontist part. so, first we went to the orthidontist. I really like them, their office is this used-to-be house, and so it has this nice porch and everything. we went inside, and they were basically ready for me. well, you know in most waiting rooms they have all those late editions of magazines? well, this one has those as well, but they also have a TV, and it had this cooking show. well, the other assistants, for lack of a better word, well, they were all sitting in the waiting room, watching the cooking show, it was almost like a living room, which was pretty awesome. anyway, we went upstairs, and the orthidontist took a look at my teeth. so, the news is, the week after next (I think), I will get an expander. three months later they add the braces. six months after that, they remove the expander. I don't know when they are going to add the braces for my lower jaw, but they will eventually. then I need the braces for about twenty six months. whew. that is a lot of typing. anyway, since it is about my bed time, and since my fingers are getting sore, I think I will stop there.


Sheila said...

Hello Angela! I would still love to see some more pictures of your new haircut! Pretty Please??? I'll bet it looks really stylish, kind of like my short hair! Please post some more pics of your new hair! Thank you!!!

Sheila aka S

Cat said...

You're getting braces to!? geez, your going to look like... a new person. :P short hair, braces. two new changes. :P

anyway, sorry, I forgot that park days had even started.

Angela said...

ok ok ok! I'll post more pic. when I can! I am still really busy with all my school work! my mom really wants me to finish my math book by the time I get into seventh grade, and I am doing a lot of grammar so that I can start writing my book!

Cat, I will soon have short hair, braces, and fairly soon I should have glasses. at least, my eye docter said last year that I will probably need them. lol, don't worry, I am going to grow my hair back out again. (unless I change my mind.)