Wednesday, September 14, 2011

What The...?

Sometimes, one of the most interesting ways to get a laugh is to search your name, and then "is..." after it.
On google.
Or bing.
Or yahoo.
Or whatever search engine you use.

Here, for your reading enjoyment, are a couple of the weirdest things I get when I search "Angela is..."

Angela is a fictional character...
Huh. Who knew? I certainly different. If I am a fictional character, does that make my blog fictional? And if my blog is fictional, does that make my readers fictional? So are we all living in a nice big fiction book? That can't be, because there isn't nearly enough drama/conflict in my life to be a book. So if the book isn't fictional, maybe I am not? I don't know. It's confusing.

Angela has retired from modelling.
...Am I missing something?

Angela competed for the fourth time at the 2010 winter Olympics.
It's like a secret life, you know?

Angela is a hero.
I'm glad SOMEONE thinks so...

Angela spends most of her time writing books and screenplays.
And just as I start thinking that maybe these don't have anything to do with me, one just jumps out and reminds me that... Well... Maybe I AM a fictional character who used to model, is a hero, and competes at the Olympics while also writing books and screenplays in her spare time. (Come to think of it, that Angela sounds a lot more interesting that I am...)

Angela's pregnancy will not be without complications.
...I'm starting to worry about what happened in my secret life...

Angela is a Real Joy.
I don't know why that's capitalized, but I guess I'm glad someone thinks I bring joy... Or maybe I AM joy... hah! Take that!

Angela is a lingerie football league.
...I have not comment. Not one.

Angela is the 6th woman in the U.S. to have achieved IFMGA Mountain Guide Certification
Holy smokes.

Angela is unique, powerful and inviting- truly angel-like.
I'm not sure if I should be insulted.

Angela is calling you
I'm not even holding my phone and I'm calling you?! Maybe this should say "Angela is psychic"?

Angela is a nationally known, reputable and spiritual psychic...
...Forget I said anything.

Angela is popping up again in downtown Menlo park
I was unaware that I could do that!

Angela's Hooker biography
Oh dear.

Angela is rude.
Beg your pardon but we do not have spicy rice!*
*inside joke. Maybe I am rude... ;)

Angela is an angel and an experienced hellspawn and a bounty hunter.
My secret life is getting more and more... Interesting.

Angela was murdered.

Angela is a college student.
That's what the infamous past high school teacher named Heather thought...

Angela is back
Back from what? Staring blankly at the screen and saying "you have got to be kidding"?

This is angela... She hasn't quite realized prostitution is illegal!
I AM NOT A PROSTITUTE! [headdesk x 12]

Angela is the girl with the pretty red box in her hair.
I don't even have anything to say anymore.

Angela has done it all
According to the search results... Yes. I apparently have "done it all".

so, there you go.
Have a spare moment?
Search your name, and then "is..."
I guarentee that you will find that your secret life is far more... Interesting than you would have ever expected.


Edit:  Another fun thing to do is search your name on and see what you get.
Personally, I get to add "Angela is slang for a passive male homosexual" and "Angela is a cultured variety of potatoes" to my list.


Sandy said...

Umkay. That made my day. XDXDXD

lucyclark;D said...

haha, some of these we lol material ; D

Rose said...

they left out "Angela is an incredible blogger" and "Angela makes me smile every time i read what shes written" (:

Jenna said...


Jenni said...

Teehee - did mine...apparently I'm having a baby pikachu. Huh, this is news to me :P