Tuesday, September 20, 2011

I Speak Pterodactyl

One of the most interesting things about living with a 4 month old child is hearing them talk.

No. I don't mean words. No "mom" or "dad" or "Ongola" or "Nani" or anything like that. I mean, talking. With airquotes. So, "talking".

See, when Kenneth, my brother, was that old, he swore.
No, not words.
I mean, the sounds coming out of his mouth were exactly "baby swears". He was loud, and grumpy, and sounded something like "Schrush ghes WOIHGUH hihge! HIIGHELK!" and he would get mad. (Which was really funny, because, hey, have you ever seen a baby "swimming in his own chub" get grumpy? Very funny.)

He speaks pterodactyl.

In fact, sometimes he speaks so convincingly that we look around, expecting to see one of these in our living room/kitchen/bedroom:

By the way, I do not claim any rights on this image.
 But no. We, instead, see this:

Not just a baby.
Is a pterodactyl?

Because were are living with someone who speaks the ancient language of pterodactyl, my family and I are gradually learning it.
To say something, you generally pronounce it like this:


Say it with much gurgling in your throat.

Oh, and just to make my workbook friends really jealous, here is what I had to do for biology today:
Yes. This is a coloring page of an animal cell. I don't claim rights on the image... just on the coloring job. ;)


Sandy said...

LOLZ Angela, I did that same worksheet last year for Biology. And totally screwed it up. XD

Rose said...

ah, baby swears. i used to say "shubbard! SHUBBARD!" which my parents took as a mis-interpretation of "shutup!" then again, i never learned pterodactyl. *sad face* :L