Tuesday, September 13, 2011

It Gets Easier.

The biggest thing people complain about, on their blogs, about their blogs, in real life about their blogs, in email about their blogs, and so on..
Well, there are two things.
1. "I don't know what to blog about"
2. "I never seem to have the time to blog."

I guess for them, blogging is like getting a drink is for me.
See, I'm thirsty. I know I'm thirsty. I should drink. But
1. I don't know what to drink (I never seem to want just water)
2. I simply do not feel like getting up to get a drink of water.

So the result?
Well, in their case, it means that their poor blogs will go on being neglected and that their friends will eventually give up reading it.
In my case, it just means that I'll become dehydrated and get a horrible headache and get testy and grump at all my friends until I finally suck it up and get a drink of water.

But don't worry.
It gets easier.

I know that this is hard to believe. How, you may ask, does it get easier to
1. think of a post subject
2. compose a meaningful post
3. get the courage to post it out on the web where basically anyone can read it
4. actually post on a regular basis
How does that work?

As everything..
The unfortunate answer is "practice".
I know.
I hate that one word too.

But let me tell you. After four years of blogging, after four years of struggling to figure out what to post about, I have finally gotten it down.
After four years?
It's easy.

Let me tell you, though, it has taken work. People expect me to be at least mildly funny in each of my posts, and if I don't have my "voice", chances are no one reads my post.
(For those of you who don't know, your "voice" is basically how you write your posts... If you take one of my posts and one of my friend's posts, and you stick them side to side and remove the names... I'm sure you'll be able to know which one I wrote. Just a guess.)

Here is a short list of what I have to try to get my posts to be:

1. Funny.
2. At least slightly witty.
3. Unique.
4. In my voice.
5. Not too long.
6. Not too short.
7. Interesting.

Here is a list of what my posts need to do:

1. Entertain.
2. Make people think.
3. Make people laugh.
4. Generate comments.
5. Retain my followers. (Y'all are awesome. :) )
6. Make me happy.
7. Allow me a chance to procrastinate.

So, you see, there's a lot I have to do in my posts. Of course, each blogger has different goals. Some of them aim to be deep, or poetic, some of them want to reveal truths about life, some of them simply want to tell people what they've been up to.

Whatever your goals are, there is a good chance you once or a while have no clue what to post and therefore don't.

That's a mistake.

In my experience, it's better to write a cruddy post, than not to write at all. Even your worst, most uninspired, uninteresting, unfunny, uninformative, pathetic posts, will prove a surprise (Sometimes).
I mean, I wrote a post apologizing that it was lame, and people still commented.
This just goes to show.

But anyway, the moral of this post is:
Keep blogging. It'll get easier to think up subjects. The writing process goes smoother. You'll become more confident that you are funny/smart-intelligent/entertaining/etc. You will increase the loyalty of your fans. Your creativity will be sparked.
So, yeah.
It gets easier.

And I apologize for the cruddy post. Just something I wanted to share. :)

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