Friday, September 16, 2011

What Amuses Me

Is when I get comments on my blog saying "wow! That's so good!" or that I'm a good writer. Or that my work is funny. Or anything along those lines.
It's not that I don't like these comments.
In fact, they make my day/week/month (depending on what's happened in that space of time.)


It amuses me because, generally, I don't plan out what I'm going to write. Sure, I have a loose outline in my head. I know the topic I'm writing on. I might generally have a few sentences planned.
But, really, it's whatever I happen to write down that gets posted. I don't generally go back and erase what I've written, and sometimes (like today) I get some crappy post that isn't going to get comments/be funny.

The other reason it amuses me is because I don't edit my posts. I don't go back and say "wow, that was a dumb comment I put in here about Angela being a psychic, maybe I should change that", because I'm lazy enough to skip it and I don't care if I've made a couple dumb remarks.
So what you people are saying is really good/funny?
That's my cruddy first drafts.  (There is a reason I always edit my books/stories at least once before letting someone read them.)

I just thought that was something I should mention. (Although, like I said, I do enjoy the praise. Who doesn't? xD )

Plan for today:
Western Civ
Other Worlds

Wow. Math? Western Civ? AND biology? My three hardest subjects in one day!
Wish me luck...

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