Thursday, September 29, 2011

Time Management, And I'm Not Feeling so Hot.

So, hey guys! I know you're all waiting for me to post my rebuttal of the ehow "disadvantages of homeschooling" since I've told no one about that except for my mom and my sister so of course you'll know about it, but sorry.
It's already probably about two pages long, and I'm only a third through.
You'll have to wait for the post of doom.

No, today I'm putting up something about those two words all teenagers dread...

Time Management

Whatever teenager does not get filled with despair when they hear those obviously are either brilliant, or they have completely given up and spend all day sitting in front of the computer. Like me.
But wait!
Maybe I'm not quite without hope. This morning, I woke up at 6:30, and decided that I was going to keep track of everything I do today and how long it takes me to finish. Why? Because it would be interesting. Because I always wonder where the time went to, and maybe I could find out. Because it's motivating and I really do want to get 8th grade math done with for good.
(How's that for revealing some of my soul? I'm still in 8th grade math, and it stresses me out every day. *End of semi deep moment*)

So, I've been doing that. And it's pretty cool...

Except for the fact that today was not a typical day for me.


Because for the past few days, I've been feeling feverish and tired. My blood sugar seems to disappear at the drop of a hat, so I've already consumed most of the candy I got from the orthodontist. I've been sleeping more than usual, I've been more tired than usual. And let me tell you, this is not usual. I mean, sure. There are weeks when I get crabby and grumpy and tired.

But I've never felt this feverish before.
Besides that, I haven't wanted to eat.
I know, I know. Eating disorder alert, call the eating police.

But seriously.

It's not that I feel anorexic. I don't think I'm fat, and I don't make myself throw up. I still eat normal, regular meals... I just don't like them. I don't like bread anymore (too dry) or sandwiches (Same reason.). Milk tastes too sweet, and chips taste sandy. I don't want cake or cookies or anything.
Let me take that back.
I want... Yogurt. And fresh vegetables. And fruit. And water. And that's about it. So, if anyone has noticed me eating strange meals (i.e. a can of kidney beans and not much else for lunch), that's why. Because it's too... dry.

Anyway, getting away from the stuff that might possibly make people concerned about me (psh), let me share a list of why I haven't been posting prolifically like I usually do.

  1. I have way too much homework. And it seems like more since I have to get two Western Civ chapters done, write about four essay questions, do more math, get ahead in biology, and all that, before tomorrow, since I'm going to Wisconsin. For a vacation. (And for once I intend to be vacation-y.)
  2. I've been having friends problems- some of them are being clique-ish (not naming names), and the others have dropped off the face of the planet or are not talking to me. I know, I know. Teenage social drama. And I had tried so hard to avoid it...
  3. I've been too busy running my tongue over my new, un brace-afied teeth. Complete with birthmark! (Yes, birthmark on my tooth. It's.. distinctive.)
  4. I've been watching Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure.
  5. I had Girl Scout bridging last night! I am officially a Freshman and a Senior at the same time. Isn't that awesome? ;)
  6. Crazy piano lessons. (I could rant about that, too, but I'm not going to. Who really wants to hear someone rant? I mean, I bet most of you wouldn't mind, but who wakes up and says, "wow. I really want to hear Angela rant today!" ...that's what I thought.)
  7. Crazy piano teacher.
  8. Crazy stupid Burgmuller and his stupid Ballade. [/end mini rant]
  9. Thinking about Girl Scout camp next year.
  10. Cleaning my room.
  11. Planning Christmas presents.
  12. Stressing out about math some more.
  13. Writing "Reaper" more...
  14. Planning for 2011 NaNoWriMo! (Who else is doing NaNo this year? Or is no one else as insane as I am to be trying to get 50,000 words done in a month? Come on, you all know you want to turn into hermits attached at the hands to your keyboard!)
  15. Making too many lists about why I'm not posting. ;)
I think that'll hold us for a while...


Sharon said...

FWIW, the bread your Dad got the last time is pretty dry. About all its good for is toast, with loads of butter. As for being cold - if you wore a sweater instead of wandering around the house in a tank top, you might feel warmer. love mom.

Rhianne said...

Hey, i am sorta doing nanowrimo. I am doing an awareness project for chronic illnesses where we all write 50k each. So yes, I am just as crazy! :) cute blog by the way.