Wednesday, September 7, 2011


Hello, salutations, heyza, hola, bonjour, konnichiwa... And so forth...

Last Monday my family went to "Cake on the Lake", which is basically this big party that's held at lake Michigan, by the rest of my family. It's a tradition... And it's fun...
And it's in September.

Usually, that isn't actually a problem. I mean, it's slightly chilly, but it's usually definitely warm enough you can walk around the beach in a swimsuit and go swimming, and it's not like, "WOW it's cold..."
Uh uh.
This time it was really frigid, and there were huge waves. (Huge waves = huge riptide = not safe), so no one went into the actual lake.


Instead, we all huddled around a fire, and buried ourselves under blankets.
And wrestled on the sand.
Fun times.
(Except that my neck/back still hurts... Urgh.)

It was really weird, though, because we stuck our feet in the water, and the water was warmer than the air... Which NEVER happens... So that was really strange.

Either way, I have a few pictures from CotL that my stalker friends will all wanna take a look at. (*cough*Sheila*cough*)

And one more note before the picture-age.. Well... Two..

1. Yes, we are actually at the beach, that isn't just a dropcloth behind us.
2. Let me mention that when I say "the rest of my family", I mean... A lot of people. About 3/4 of my first cousins, a couple of my second cousins, some aunts and uncles, my family (hey, that's 8), my grandparents on my dad's side, family friends, cousins of my cousins... Random dudes who drop by... People. Lots. And lots. Of people.

Enter the picturage.

That's me.
Veela. She's much more photogenic.

And Christina.

The troll- I mean... Monica.

Reason #1 why my neck hurts.

Pretty beach.

Reson #2 my neck hurts.



Veela and I trying to squish each other. Epic fail.

Random picture at the end.

There you go, stalkers of mine. Pictures. (*cough*Sheila*cough*)

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Rose said...

love ur writing, ur pictures....baisically everyhtign you write! thankyou for (yet again) cheering me up (: