Monday, July 4, 2011

Of All the Reasons... (And shoe pictures. SHOE PICTURES at the end of post!)

When I was at camp,I shared a tent with a girl named Breanna. One of her absolute favorite things to say to me, besides "you're seriously depressed", was "You really don't give a s*** about what anyone thinks, do you?"
I really don't.

In fact, I usually don't care if someone even likes me or not. What gets me really upset, is when the people who don't like me come up with some stupid, unoriginal, boring excuse why they don't like me. Honestly? If you aren't going to like me, can you at least come up with a good reason why not? For example... Not liking me because I hang out with someone you don't like. Why? Why would that make any difference? I know people who hang out with other people I don't like, and do I make a big fuss?
I don't.

Or... People who decide I'm depressed (Breanna, I'm talking to you). Now, let us take a look at their "proof" that I'm depressed, shall we?
  • I sit in corners.
  • I don't always talk to people.
  • I write.
  • I happen to wear black.
  • I don't smile at lame jokes.
  • I'm sarcastic.
  • I'm serious.
Now, I honestly don't see how any of these point to any depression at all. I mean, I guess the corners thing can point to... antisocialness? I guess? And I guess if we really work hard... We might be able to stretch that to depression? But... Writing? Seriously? You think that because I keep a diary, I'm depressed? May I mention that I've been keeping a diary since I was six? And I was depressed back then?

And sarcasm. How does being sarcastic make you depressed? In my humble opinion, you don't have to be sarcastic if you're depressed, and you don't have to be depressed to be sarcastic!

Maybe I'm ranting too much about the depression thing, but it just really bothers me.

Another thing that bugs me is the Dungeons and Dragons thing. Yes. I play D&D. Not only that, but I play D&D well. Better than many boys I've met. And yet, whenever we start talking about Dungeons and Dragons, I get a lot of incredulous looks, because I'm girl. I don't think it should matter! Let's just team up against all them who would stop D&D forever! (I'm talking to you, Sam. [another camper].)
In that same thing... I don't see why I'm geeky just because I play D&D. I mean, it's not that geeky. Sure. I probably won 20 or 30 geek points when I learned to play, another 20 when I got to correct my Uncle Erik in D&D... and probably another 10 when I accepted an offer to be a DM on Saturday (the 16th! Wish me luck, I'm freaking out!)... But-

Okay. I guess my argument is moot here. :) D&D really is geeky.

Oh well.

Anyway, I really did have a plan for that post, but it just really didn't work out as well as I'd hoped... So... without further delay, let me present...
my shoes!
(to everyone who helped me come up with ideas for these, thank you so much! I literally couldn't have done this without you!)

So, here are my shoes, first before, then after. :) Using the same technique as I did here,  although I'm glad to say that my photography skills have improved since then.

I don't actually know why I took that ^ photo... I probably just wanted to show off the mad skills of my tripod. xD

See? They must have been nice at one point, but now they're just... tired. :P

The green I used for the main color actually has sparkles... It's name is "Shamrock Green", and if anything, it's brighter in real life. O_o
(Another side note: I ended up throwing away my old graffiti shoes a few days ago, but I saved the laces, and put them in these shoes, so they do now have laces. :) )

Hey look! Zig Zags!

 Roll High: The most important rule when playing Dungeons and Dragons. :)

These photos are really in no particular order, as you can probably tell. :P Sorry about that.

Phi: A number cooler and geekier than pi. You can find all about it here. (Yea, it has it's own website!)

Probably the worst photo of my shoes I took... The only thing in focus is the grungy rubber! [cringes] sorry about that. But either way, it says "The answer to LIFE, the UNIVERSE, and EVERYTHING/ 42".

I'm very proud of the flames on my shoes. Those things were hard to draw, and harder to paint. [grumph]. The rainbow was far less difficult... and it didn't turn out half bad! :D

Another beauty shot of the fire. Why? Because paper and fire, my friend.

 If you can notice, I colored the brown stripe and lettering black, with my trusty sharpie. And those are gears, yes. I had some empty space. :)

Yes, that is the TARDIS. Why? Because... I don't know. Because it's cool, I guess. :)


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The answer to life the universe and everything truly is.....42.... I'm guessing you're a fan of Hitchhikers guide to the galaxy? ;P

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