Saturday, May 29, 2010

Oooooh, graffiti shoes!!!

These are my amazing graffiti shoes!! they're just amazing, aren't they. :) the tutorial is found here at "Lil Blue Boo" which has (in my opinion- and that of my mother) the coooollleeessst projects ever!! :)

for my shoes, I used some REALLY UGLY plain white ked tennis shoes, which were handmedowns from my cousins. :P blah. I can't stand things like that- without color. :P Google translate is being stupid and saying that "coucou" actually means "cuckoo". It doesn't... I don't think.. if it does, w/e. "The Daring Book for Girls" however, says that it means something like "hello there!" or "Hello you!" So, yeah. That's the explanation for that. for the word "Tuda" I'm sure you can scroll down to read, or click here to read the post on my blog that explains the word. :) (yes, it has it's VERY OWN post. I bet it feels all grown up now.) So, go and look at the tutorial (her shoes turned out waaaayyyy cooler then mine) and have fun dest- oops... *cough* PAINTING your shoes. :)

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Mizz Ali said...

omg, i LOVE THEM they are SO COOL! I've been missng your posts! nice new profile pic , by the way!