Thursday, July 28, 2011


Do you ever have a moment when you're just sitting there, feeling like you're a complete and total failure, then all of a sudden it's "WHAM" and you realize that you've already done a lot, and that you have a lot coming up, but you aren't scared about any of it?

I sort of had that feeling today.

I was feeling kind of upset today, because I'm behind on my math, and I keep forgetting to teach Ken piano (I remembered yesterday, though!) and I have a recital tomorrow, and I still have to call my confirmation teacher to talk about some money that the church might have for me to pay for part of the tuition for me to take atrium teaching training, and I have still to do any reading at all for Western Civ, and I still have homework for then (and the class hasn't even started yet) and I haven't written in about three months..

I was fairly miserable.

But then I realized that
a) I've handled this sort of thing before.
b) I haven't died from anything so far.
c) All I have to do is focus on my math, and I'll still get the book done in October, even if I do take longer than expected.
d) Grades in class don't always matter... As long as I am learning, it's all good.
e) I like playing piano at recitals (sometimes).
 f) even though I'm going to be hopefully taking the AP for world history next year, and I'm taking the honors Western Civ (why do they call it honors? All honors means is that there's more work), and my biology is higher than my level, I'm not freaked about any of this...
And it was like

It was fun.

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