Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Welcome to My Life.

So, it's about 100 degrees at my house, and humid. There's a slight breeze, but it's not enough to cool much down. Thankfully our Air Conditioning is back up, so Pip (PJ) isn't going to die of heat. (I'm still melting, though.)

I'm reading "Becoming Chloe" and I plan to finish it today (Linda, how the heck do you manage to read so many books in such a short amount of time?! Veela and I have almost decided that you're an insane clown zombie who doesn't need sleep! geesh!), and I'm also about half way through The Catcher in the Rye, which I'm reading for the first time.

I still have math to do today, but thankfully I allowed myself to skip 3 math questions because they were duplicative. So that lowers it down to about four. >.< I'm about two or three months behind in math, so I'm hoping that goes well. (On a slightly unrelated note, does anyone else pronounce Mathematics "Math-eh-mat-ics" not "math-matics"? Just curious.)

Oh! What I'm listening to lately? Y'all are going to laugh. So far, the bands/soundtracks I've been listening to the most are:
The All American Rejects (not that weird)
the Aladdin soundtrack (not weird... for me.)
Hilary Duff (heh. Don't say a word.)
the Annie soundtrack (I don't usually listen to them all in a row. xD)
Yeah. So pretty happy, easy, childish stuff. Yay me!

Oh. I had swimming today. that was pretty fun... Not that I got to swim... I got to learn about the "FIND" method...
Find the problem.
Identify different solutions.
Name the pros and cons of each solution.
Determine the best choice of action.

So, pretty much common sense, in my opinion. I mean, it's like, "do I tell the kids in the locker room to stop sliding around in the water on the floor and hitting each other with towels, or do I just ignore it and let them get hurt?". Well... Duh. You tell them to stop. *shrug* (I was trying to find you a video on Youtube of "TJ" and "Sam" who are in my GuardStart videos, but I couldn't find any. Sorry. xD)

So, this is probably one of my more boring posts... But I'm kind of boring feeling right now... How interesting can one feel when their hair is too long and the most interesting thing they're wearing is a Dr. Seuss tank top? Really?

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