Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Yet More Reasons Why It's Awesome to be Me.

  • I get to blog about french toast.
  • My workout consists of kicking a huge log around the backyard.
  • I can do my math on my desk.
  • I can do my math on my bed.
  • I can do my math under my desk. (Not under my bed, though. There's no room down there. And there's spiders.)
  • I can do my math wherever I want to.
  • I can do my math while watching Dr Who.
  • I can do my math while watching Twelfth Night.
  • I can do my history wherever I want. (Ha! No more math!)
  • Piano is awesome.
  • My logic class comes from loading the dishwasher.
  • Art = cutting up tshirts.
  • My mom would let me make things out of "Backyard Ballistics" for science if I wanted to.
  • For science next year, I get a coloring book.
  • I've written a novel.
  • My alarm clock is my mother's, from the 70s.
  • I have exactly 149 just-for-reading books on my bookshelf downstairs.
  • I have around 10 snow globes on my bookshelf downstairs.
  • I have about three statues, a crystal etching, and a candle holder of lighthouses on my bookshelf (and two more statues on my window sill.)
  • I get to read Murderous Maths for my homework sometimes.
  • I sleep in a dungeon.
  • My yardwork today consisted of building a funeral pyre/signal fire/fire-for-burning-zombies-when-the-ZA-finally-happens.
  • During Sausage Fest, the usual happenings is my cousins and I lounge in the hammock and have discussions over our favorite words.
  • Victimize is one of my favorite words.
  • (So is homicidal.)
  • I have my very own dictionary.
  • I don't care that people think I'm a dork for having my very own dictionary (and being proud of it!)
  • All my (real) friends are absolutely brilliant.
  • All of my friends, including the imaginary/not real/fake/frenemies, are somewhat brilliant.
  • Because I'm a girl, I can cry as much as I want when watching movies, and no one thinks it's weird. (Why is that, anyway?)
  • I have 37 followers! (You guys are awesome.)
  • My little sister wants to be just like me. (Maybe this isn't so awesome for me....)
  • I look like a zombie on my Great America season pass!
  • I have in my possession an Animaniacs coloring book.
  • And I have access to a Pajama Sam coloring book.
  • My swim towel is green.
  • I watch Horrible Histories for history sometimes.
  • Notebooks/office supplies are one of my obsessions.
  • I also love Alaska.
  • I have relatives in Alaska.
  • There's a song on my ipod named "Alaska".
  • That song is by Adam Young.
  • I'm an Adam Young fan. 
  • I can DM.
  • I can DM and not have anyone tell me I sucked.
  • Granted, I was DMing for a bunch of new D&Ders.
  • Oh well.
  • For some reason, everyone thinks I'm funny.
  • For some reason, most people my age do exactly what I tell them to, when I tell them to.
  • I live in my own world.
  • I've visited Candy Land.
  • My copy of Pippi Longstocking is absolutely brilliant.
  • I haven't reread Stargirl.
  • I've altered two pairs of shoes.
  • Shoelaces are awesome.
  • I know how to put bullets up in my blog posts!
  • I have also annoyed the heck out of people in my blog posts.
  • One of my best posts was a rebuttal to an anti-homeschooling post.
  • I was told I rocked for that.
  • By someone who doesn't even know me.
  • I have the capacity to write a long, rambling, bulleted blog post, with no aim, and yet have people tell me it was awesome.
  • You guys rock.
  • One of my favorite books (I forgot about this) is Carmilla.
  • That's a very old book about a lesbian vampire, in case you didn't know.
  • I highly recommend it.
  • People have finally given up on calling me Angie.
  • Or, maybe, I've just grown a selective hearing filter so I no longer hear it.
  • I like that second option.
  • My laundry basket has a sticker of a lion on it.
  • I have a faery with hospital legs on  my wall.
  • I have a magic door to anywhere I want it to go on my wall.
  • I have a mushroom on my wall.
  • I have painted my wall.
  • My floor is purple.
  • When I wake up in the middle of the night when my hand is cramping up, the first thing I think is, "My hand hurts, I must be turning into spiderman!"
  • One Year Adventure Novel is awesome.
  • My camera is awesome.
  • My tripod still mostly works, even though I've kind of broken it a lot.
  • My blog is over 4 years old.

So, that's all I feel like writing up for now...
You guys can feel free to make one of these posts for yourself! though it won't be quite as awesome as mine. heh.

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Cat said...

Wow that was a long post (as you pointed out :P)! Really good one though, haha. Bullet points are cool. Also, I think EVERYONE looks like a zombie in their Six Flags photo (if there's an exception, they're lucky, and probably as hard to find as a unicorn). And, you get a COLORING BOOK for Science!? That's extremely cool. <3 homeschooling, haha.
I don't have any recipes for french toast, which just occurred to me... I need a French Toast cookbook like you want to make, haha!!